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Tailing the Komets

So what did you think?

About the article with Guy the other day? I can't believe we didn't get more comments on that.


I was kind of surprised at first by what he said but he kind of convinced me by the end. Where would all those players who would be in the IHL be playing now? With the veteran restrictions in the AHL and ECHL, there aren't that many options for them other than Europe. I thought it was pretty interesting.

What did you think?

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Thu, 03/16/2006 - 9:02am

Honestly, once we got out of the IHL I quit worring about the AHL. I pay some attention just to see how the Pens farm team is doing and if some old "I" players are still around. THe AHL doesn't get much coverage around here. So there's not much for us to compare to.

Thu, 03/16/2006 - 10:58am

It was a good story. Anything doing with Guy Dupuis or what he has to say is great-my favorite player without a doubt. I think there is alot of other stuff going on here in the UHL that has everyone's attention (trade deadline, upcoming playoffs, injuries, etc.) That's my guess why there isn't much talk about this article right now Blake.

Charlie I
Thu, 03/16/2006 - 11:34am

Honestly I thought our league was moronic for having a veteran limit of 7 but the AHL has a veteran limit of 4??? Talk about dumb especially when those are the teams with direct ties to the NHL. We consider a veteran a person who has played 300 games. What does the AHL count as a veteran?

Thu, 03/16/2006 - 1:06pm

The AHL doesnt want 30 and 40 year olds in the league, the league is mostly kids that were all high draft picks and 1 call away from the show.i noticed that there are about 5 or 6 current komets that have played a few games in both the old I and the AHL, i guess most of them just couldnt cut it at the AAA level except Guy.

Thu, 03/16/2006 - 1:53pm

We give 3 more spots than the AHL, what is the ECHL limit? Maybe I missed that in the article. We do not see some of the really good vets come down to the UHL level because of $$$ I would assume. What do you think Chaulk salary is per year? He plays because he loves the game, I would assume many AHL vets make a pretty good pay check and to come down to the UHL would be a really big cut so they hang them up or go to the ECHL. I think what stands out is the fact that everyone needs to really be good at evaluating rookie talent and what we call tweeners, that is where a team can either be average to above average or really bad. This year for the K's that is the difference. They are 1 or 2 guys short from being really good. That is what I took from the article.

Thu, 03/16/2006 - 2:16pm

david i think you are right, the ks might be about 3 key players away from being championship caliber, there
rookies are just ave. to below ave. this year. they might be a couple of diamond in the rough rookies and a venedam from being a championship club.

Thu, 03/16/2006 - 7:16pm

a player at the bottom level of the ahl would make more being a top player in the uhl in terms of salary....maybe that is why some of the players are at this level.