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Tailing the Komets

So what did you think?

I thought they played very well, almost as good as Bill Zaniboni. Unlike some games of the recent past, I didn't feel like this was one where they made the goalie look good by hitting him in the chest. He was moving and made some great saves.

It's amazing how much difference Jake Pence and Kevin Bertram make. This allows the Komets to pair vet with rookie on all three defensive pairings, and it makes a huge difference. Boulay looked very comfortable with Bert out there.

Also impressed with Sebastien Laplante who was very solid when needed.

One other thing I noticed, was the Komets have three distinct line pairings going now. Thomas, Drouin and Versteeg-Lytwyn provide a lot of speed, MacMillan, Gravelle and Varone are great forechecking, and Shafranov, O'Connor and Curadeau are more puck control. OsmaThat's tough to match up against, at least at home when the Komets have the last change.

Last note: Brandon Warner is going to have hip surgery in Indianapolis on Tuesday.

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Fri, 02/06/2009 - 11:42pm

Well played game tonight for the most part. The K's sure do miss their qb on the powerplay it is just dis-organized and the let a very soft short handed goal tonight. The only thing discouraging is they could have put Flint away totally had they converted on a couple of power plays. Nice to see Bert back and hopefully healthy as well as Osman.

Sat, 02/07/2009 - 2:07pm

The ref first called a game misconduct on #24 Bullock the Capt. of Flint for leaving the bench. Than reversed it. After the game he said he wasn't sure who the 6th. man was on the ice. He said he would have Brad Jones review the tape and that he would make the proper ruling. We will just have to wait on Mr. Jones. That should be a interesting call.