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Tailing the Komets

Some notes

Mike Field is driving again because he has been waived by the team, according to GM David Franke. The Komets are negotiating with Adam Lewis and should have him ready to go by Thursday. Sebastien Laplante and Dominic Osman are both expected to play Thursday. Osman skated last Friday and will skate all week in practice.  Shafranov is having his hern

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Shawn Lang
Mon, 11/24/2008 - 4:18pm

I wouldn't mind seeing a line mixup this week with Osman coming back. Something simmilar to what we had at the beginning of the season.

Chaulk - Osman - Drouin
Curadeau - Hukalo - O'Conner/Lewis
Gravelle - Varone - MacMillen/Legault

That gets more scoring on the 3rd line with Varone and another sniper on the 1st line to fill in for Shafranov.

Charlie Crawford
Mon, 11/24/2008 - 4:31pm

Thanks for the update Blake. I agree about Shaf, and I will never question his toughness. I wish Field the best of luck, I thought he did a good job here, and I hope he catches on somewhere.

I am glad to hear about Osman, and Laplante coming back. Even though I don't think that Osman is the cure all for all of our problems we have been having lately.

I like your line pairings Shawn. Seems like those could work.

Mon, 11/24/2008 - 8:44pm

Good stuff Blake, thanks for the info.

Have you seen Lewis yet? I'm wondering where he fits in the line-up and if he can really be an impact player.

Mon, 11/24/2008 - 8:50pm

Drouin needs to play a whole lot better this thursday...

Blake Sebring
Mon, 11/24/2008 - 9:05pm

I've been battling the flu, so I've stayed away. I jinxed myself as soon as I wrote the story last week.

Charlie Crawford
Mon, 11/24/2008 - 9:11pm

Hope you get feeling better Blake. I always seem to get ill sometime around the Holidays.

Mon, 11/24/2008 - 9:13pm

i agree with them lines to Shawn except line 3 i think i would have it varone macmillan legault/gravelle mac needs to have regular line shifts i think. i think if he played a regular line shift that he might beable to start puting up some points as well. we just need his presence more often and more regularly

Hit Somebody!!!
Mon, 11/24/2008 - 10:20pm

My 2 Cents...

Curadeau, Chaulk, Osman
Hukalo, Drouin, Varone
Lewis, Legault, O' Conner...MacMillan...Gravelle