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Tailing the Komets

Some notes I found

These are under the category there are three kinds of lies: lies, d--- lies and statistics. Mark Twain said it originally. But they are still interesting.

* Entering these playoffs, the Komets have a lot less playoff championship experience than they usually do. Only Al Sims and Guy Dupuis from the 1993 Komets and Colin Chaulk and Kevin Bertram from the 2003 Komets have won pro playoff championships. Brandon Warner was part of Michigan State's 2007 NCAA championship team.

* As a comparison, Muskegon coach Bruce Ramsay has six championship rings. Robin Bouchard, Billy Collins, Jeff Nelson Clayton Pool, Dave Van Drunen and Bill Zalba were part of the Fury's 2005 Colonial Cup team. Bouchard has won four rings with the Fury.

* This is the 11th time the Komets have won a regular-season title. Of those teams, only three have gone on to win playoff championships. Of the combined total of the International Hockey League and Colonial/United Hockey League, 38 of 71 regular-season champs went on to win playoff championships.

* Teams in the IHL and C/UHL that earned more than 120 points during the regular season went on to win playoff championships six of 12 times. Teams that earned 115 points or more during the regular season won the playoff championships 13 of 27 times.

* With an average attendance of 7,711, the Komets drew the second-largest attendance in their 56-year history. That also ranks fourth in all of minor league hockey behind Hershey (AHL) at 8,770, Oklahoma City (CHL) at 8,713 and Manitoba (AHL) at 7,807.

* Luciano Aquino led the Komets in scoring this season with 91 points. He's the first rookie to lead the Komets in scoring since Dan Bonar in 1977-78 when he scored 108 points.

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Tue, 04/15/2008 - 3:18pm

Dan Bonar - now that brings back some memories. What a cutie he was!

Tue, 04/15/2008 - 5:10pm

Can't say how cute he was but he sure did have some hands and a nose for the net. Have to say just a bit about the wavier draft. IS THAT ALL THERE IS? What a waste of time. Oh, I forgot we were the only team that carried 21 most of the year. That whole thing is a joke.