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Tailing the Komets

Some updates

Just talked to General Manager David Franke, and Vince Tarantino is essentially day-to-day with a hip flexor problem. He's not expected to play this weekend, but could possibly jump into the lineup on Sunday if there's an injury. It's not serious and only requires some rest.

Originally, the Komets thought Brandon Warner was only going to be out for two months, even with surgery, but now the doctor is telling them to keep him out the rest of the year because the surgery will weaken the bone and could lead to a broken hip if he plays. That said, the Komets are still planning on bringing Warner back next season if he's interested in returning.

"In the long run we don't have him for the rest of this year, but we'll have him 100 percent healthy next year," Franke said. "We all saw earlier in the year how effective he was when he was 100 percent. Our plans are to have him back next year if he wants to come back. I think Brandon will come back."

Danko Mironovic and Nick Boucher missed practice the last two days with the flu.

As for Justin Depretis who was released by Flint, Franke said he has talked with him, but is not planning on bringing him in at this time, but there might be some interest down the line.

"If we suffer some injuries over the weekend we would maybe look at bringing him in, but I have to look that Legault and Osman will be back in a couple of weeks and then where do I put everybody?" Franke said. "I hate to bring in a kid for a week or two and have to let him go because we don't have a place for him. Then we've just messed up his life some more. Unless we sustain some injuries we'll probably go with Osman, Chaulk and Legault and leave it at that."

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Tue, 02/03/2009 - 10:10pm

Brandon's a good kid with promise, I hope things work out well for him and the team.

David's comments about using Justin shows how much class this organization has. I'm impressed. If things go bad for the Komets and they ask him to come in for a few weeks (assuming he would be available) at least he will know up front what the circumstances and prospects are and the decision will be his.

Shawn Lang
Wed, 02/04/2009 - 8:25am

Does David Franke actually believe that Legault is better than Depretis?!?!?!?! If Legault was playing the body, and being physical, I would say keep him. The bottom line is the Komets need goal scorers, and Depretis can help in that area much more than Legault.