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Tailing the Komets

Something I've been trying to figure out

You know how Bob always talks about the coliseum being ``the big ice'' and the Michigan teams always having ``the smaller ice?'' I've been trying to do some research on that to find out exactly what the dimensions are. We know for  fact that Port Huron is smaller, about 185 X 85. Team officials in those other cities have told me that Flint and Kalamzoo are exactly regulation, 200 X 85, and that Muskegon might be a tad smaller, but not by much, maybe a foot or two. The funny thing is, somebody from Muskegon told me that Kalamazoo is definitely smaller.

 The really weird thing is that they think Fort Wayne is bigger than regulation by a few feet. The league says Kalamazoo, Flint and Muskegon are all regulation, but the Komets players all swear they are smaller. They believe Flint and Muskegon are a little shorter and Kalamazoo is a little narrower. My gut tells me Kalamazoo might be a little narrower, but that also might be the lower perspective I get from sitting closer to rinkside.

It's not a scandal or anything but it is interesting and is the type of thing that makes minor league hockey unique.

 Anybody got any thoughts on this?

We're also still looking for memories of what Bob has meant to you to possibly be included in his autobiography. So far we've gotten about 10 responses which have been exceptional. We talked to Mike Emrick last night and he's going to write the foreward. Can't do any better than that!

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Thu, 03/13/2008 - 8:08am

what can you say about chase? no one has ever seen anything like him nor shall they ever see anythinglike him again. how do you explain someone that you grew up with, your son grew up with and now my grandson is growing up with?? icon only word i can think of. weve been lucky here! weve had chaser with hockey and bob sievers with radio. weve lost one and the others still going strong. broadcast till youre 100 bob, of course.

Thu, 03/13/2008 - 9:01am

Mr. Bob Chase is the absolute perfect hockey broadcaster. He played the game. He knows the game. He knows the players that play the game. He has been a GM. He is the voice that when a was in the Army and stationed in Missour made me feel like I was at home. When I vacation now I make sure I can get the internet. I have set next to him ans listened to that "Great" voice and closed my eyes. I was in whatever building in whatever city, I was at that game as seen through his eyes. Someday there will be someone to take his place NO ONE will ever replace Mr. Bob Chase. I am very proud to know him and even more proud to call him my friend. He is the last surviving WOWO ACE! Fort Wayne will never see his likes again.

Fri, 03/14/2008 - 7:27am

Hey Blakes what is your E-Mail address?

Fri, 03/14/2008 - 7:56am