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Opening Arguments

Spine of steel

Evan Bayh, speaking of Hillary Clinton in the campaign ad for her running in Indiana: "She's got a spine of steel." That sounds good, but doesn't everyone who gets to this level of politics have a similar anatomy? You don't get to be a major-party presidential candidate by being a shrinking violet.

Oh, and Barack Obama, speaking of Bayh's early decision to endorse Clinton:

"I think that Senator Bayh, frankly, stepped out a little too soon in terms of endorsements, back at a time when Senator Clinton was up 20 points in the national polls and was the presumptive favorite," said Obama.

So, you wait until you see who's winning and endorse that person? Talk about spineless.


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Thu, 04/10/2008 - 8:24am

Bayh's head is cut off through that whole ad. Sure, I'm superficial, but that bugs me.

Bob G.
Thu, 04/10/2008 - 11:06am

Look at it this way...no brains, so why bother to show the area that supposedly HOUSES it.
Makes sense to me.
President Jellyfish...meet Speaker of the House Beetle.
(no spines required)



Steve T.
Fri, 04/11/2008 - 8:30am

Excepting only the issuing party's faithful, folks are having a near-unanimous reflex of distaste for Evan Bayh's little SOS (Spine of Steel) ad for candidate Clinton.

I'll wager that "Spine of Steel" is suddenly an irresistible title for a lot of richly deserved critical repudiation statewide.

For me, I'll simply point out the fallacy in Bayh's assurances to the voters:

Hillary is not, for all her recent posing and packaging, a centrist moderate Democrat -- not by any definition us folks in the fly-over states would agree with.

C-SPAN has shown us Senator Clinton running to stand with the fringe radical leadership whenever the most familiar sacred cows of the Liberal agenda come up for a vote.

So let's get to the real point, and a warning which Bayh's TV ad has actually helped highlight, lest we forget the big picture, and that is this --

The very last thing we need now, or any time, is

a "Liberal with a Spine of Steel"

running the United States of America.