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Opening Arguments

Spittin' image

Please, please, please, Cheri, don't let Mitch use this in the gubernatorial campaign:

Indiana First Lady Cheri Daniels took home two blue ribbons after taking top honors in the annual celebrity cow milking and watermelon seed spitting contests.

“After coming in second in the cow milking contest last year, I vowed to take home first this year. I practiced several times throughout the fair and the hard work paid off,” said Daniels.  “As far as the watermelon seeds are concerned, I owe that all to growing up in Southern Indiana.”

Don't forget that this was just against the "celebrity" cow milkers and seed spitters. There are hundreds of ordinary farmers out there who could wipe up the barn floor with her when it comes to milking. On the spitting, though, she may have faced the cream of the crop.