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Tailing the Komets

starting a new thread

Same discussion as at the end of Retired numbers. Here are some of the most recent posts:

While the following is only one reference... I believe I could spend a bit more time and find further documentation that the source of the phrase "you suck" is indeed sexual. So I heartily disagree that the phrase simply means "stink". To assert otherwise is naive. Personally I am not offended. But, unless the stands can be filled every night with a beer swilling, belching, "you suck" yelling crowd - then the owners of the team have to also cater to church groups, scout troops, families with kids and other groups that find the phrase offensive. And the owners have every right to take action to discourage its use. And if not being able to yell "YOU SUCK" after a goal makes you want to stop attending Komets games, then you are aren't much of a hockey fan and you are attending for reasons other than watching and enjoying the game.

The following is from...

O.E. sucan, from PIE root *sug-/*suk- of imitative origin (cf. O.S., O.H.G. sugan, O.N. suga, M.Du. sughen, Du. zuigen, Ger. saugen "to suck;" L. sugere "to suck," succus "juice, sap;" O.Ir. sugim, Welsh sugno "to suck"). Meaning "do fellatio" is first recorded 1928. Slang sense of "be contemptible" first attested 1971 (the underlying notion is of fellatio). Suck eggs is from 1906. Suck hind tit "be inferior" is Amer.Eng. slang first recorded 1940.

Wow!! And I thought I was close to knowing everything LOL!
Good research KimK. I agree with you for the most part. I think when fans yell You Suck they are doing it in the manner that Skate said.

You are very right though that as a business, the Komets need to cater themselves to the community at large including groups, individuals, young people, seniors and everyone in between. It is very hard to make it where everyone will be happy. I bet if Blake posted a survey asking fans to rank in order what they feel is most important when attending a game (product on ice, food quality, food prices, music, seat comfort, fan language, bathroom lines.......) etc, you would get many different answers.
I think it is a safe bet though that if a scout leader, respected religious leader, or someone like that contacted management and said they could not bring groups back unless the You Suck thing went away, it would not be good business to turn them away. MOST People are not going to stop coming to games just because they can't yell a certain phrase during a song. If the scout and Church groups stop coming though, alot of revenue is lost and you alienate a fairly large group of people.

Tony... once again you have proven that you are THE voice of reason on the NS&JG Komet blogs. Between you, Blake & Justin there must be times you feel you are a solitary voice crying in the wilderness...

Lol if I am the voice of reason we are ALLLLLL in trouble ;-)

Tony, It still puts more of the "casual fan" in the seats.....I used to help out with a lot of the promotions on and off the ice for several years....but I guess the fan that attends say 2-6 games a year, if he/she wins a prize wants to have it delivered by one of the Jeep Girls instead of an overweight 40 something guy wearing a nice shirt and tie. At least I'm saving on my dry cleaning bills! LOL!

Kim, there you go trying to inject logic into this dicussion. How dare you. LOL. These guys don't want logic. Sometimes they don't even want rational, reasoned discussion, especially on this topic or fighting.

You go girl!

Seriously.... When I shout you suck... I am not requesting fellatio from the Kalamazoo Wings. I hope I'm not such a prude when I get old.

Being a prude has nothing to do with it.

Recognizing that the phrase has two meanings, the former begetting the latter, has everything to do with. And to not recognize that there are people in attendance that find the phrase offensive is closed minded, selfish, and just downright inconsiderate. And to not realize that the owners of the team see the phrase as a threat to their bottom line is lacking, shall we say, a certain depth of thought.

And seriously... when you shout you suck at the Wings, you are not requesting, you are clearly stating in a most emphatic way that they do.

Incredible.... This is hockey, not a tea party where we sit around dicussing world hunger. People love sports because its a place where you dont have to be rational!!! Sports are a release, wether your playing softball or your watching an event at home or in person. And if indeed it is bible thumpers that are complaining about it then I say this..let them stay at church. These same people that are complaining about songs at a sporting event are probably the same people who flip you the bird in the parking lot. You know the type ,the people you over hear at the grocery store talking down about another parent who yells at thier kid in the middle of the store only to find them smacking THIER kid in the car in the parking lot!! Hypocrites!!!!! Like Skate said, I too didnt know a thing about Gary Glitter until someone brought it up, and I assume that most didnt have a clue about him either.

The Komets had cheerleaders??? Say it isn't so!!!!
I found out about the Glitter thing reading the Toronto Sun online a few months back. He was actually facing a FIRING SQUAD in Vietnam for his crimes. I never saw anything covering it in the U.S. possibly because while many know the song, nobody knows who "sings" it.

Super Fan...on your point about LOGIC...One thing here that I don't think was mentioned...The Komets need to make a stand one way or the other on this issue. Do they play it...or don't they. They choose not to not play it during the regular season...then they play in the post-season. I think that stance is a bit confusing at best. My main problem is that some people go a little far to ruin things for the masses by telling everyone this the way it should be because of some PC reason that only 2% of the people stand behind. I am fine and will survive if we never hear the "You Suck" chant again. It isn't that big of a deal either way. I am with JM that I don't think that the chant was being used in such the vulgarity that was suggested by some of the "do-gooders" on this blog. To even mention that on here I think is worse than telling the other team's Goalie and Players that they stink for letting up a goal.

Bottom-line in my opinion is that the masses want exciting, fun, entertaining hockey this coming season that keeps people interested and not like this past year where I almost dreaded going to the games for fear of boredom. I think that this season will be much more entertaining...it should be. If Larry gives us a goal song that helps us celebrate the teams success...I am sure everyone will be fine. Please...no more OLE OLE OLE crap though. I feel that was a slap in the face last season with all the talk about a change in hockey style from physical to Euro and that song stands for Soccer garbage that I have no interest in. Just my opinion of course.

And thanks to whoever it was in an earlier post to not only give us your religious views (which is fine)...but to tell us that you are a Republican Conservative. I am sure that there are not any Americans anymore that support Democratic viewpoints and go to Church. Your party's leadership has "buffaloed" you people into believing that if you stand behind the flag and your religious views...that the Republican party is the place for you to be and that the rest of the country is un-patriotic and devil worshipers if they don't agree with the Republican Party. Kind of sounds like Communism or a Dictatorship to me?!?!?! Read a newspaper..watch the news...talk to your friends and neighbors...wake up...all politicians and both political parties only care about their own special interests such as war, oil, money, their own big business and greed. They say things and get themselves behind particular groups of people only to get elected and never do what they promised during their campaign speeches to do. We sure could use 3 or 4 more wars to get involved in right now...as we watch our jobs dwindle away day by day...

Lighten up everyone...
Go Komets!!!!!

They sould definitely retire Blakes number by the way....LOL Since this is the topic we have gotten a bit away from. It should say....Sebring...Super Fan....

Hmmm JR... missed the net on that shot.

The point is not whether there are hypocritical Christians, Muslims, Rastafarians or Buddhists. The world is filled with hypocrites of all brands.

The point is... should the Komets as an organization play a song after a goal is scored that invites the crowd to shout "You Suck". The Komets have made a business decision that they do not want to alienate a certain segment of their market - both fans and advertisers - by continuing to use the song on a regular basis. (I agree with Hit, I don't understand why it was ok in the post season...)

I would imagine you can have your irrational sporting release by screaming whatever epithet strikes your fancy for as long as and as loud as you want (or until the guys show up with the jacket with the long sleeves). But let that be your decision.

So whether or not the complainers are hypocrites, child smackers or something else that irks you makes no difference. Their money is green and they can choose to spend it elsewhere if they so choose. The Komets have chosen to try to convince them to spread their wealth at the MC. You may continue to tilt at windmills...

Hit, this is strange, I agree with you twice in one post... the beaten horse is dead...

Hit...lol you didn't pay rent for my soapbox!!
I am the Republican but I didn't say anything about being conservative... I tend to vote Republican but I am also very "liberal" when it comes to the environment and other issues.
My point which maybe I did not get across was that being a Republican which tends to lead towards conservative values there are many different levels of conservatism. Some take it to higher extremes than others. Believe me I am by no means a hard line conservative or my better half would have dropped me a long time ago (a bouncy liberal hippy girl lol)

As for Christian liberals? I'm one. I believe Jesus was the biggest liberal there ever was.

My beef with the chant is going to games with my nephews who I'm trying to teach right from wrong, and they ask me how everybody else seems to be able to say it but they can't. To me it would be hypocritical if I say they can't and then turn around and do it at a game. It's either right or it's wrong, and I believe it is wrong.

I also think the people on this blog are smart enough and saavy enough to come up with something different which might even be more effective.

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