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Opening Arguments

(Sub) par for the course

Not everyone is on board with a new Navy policy (hey, don't blame me, the lousy pun was in the headline):

Despite concerns from critics over privacy, costs and the possibility of sexual activity, the Navy says it's ready, willing, able, and now ready to put women on submarines.

If we put that story together with this one,

  Smoking will be banned on submarines throughout the fleet by the end of the year, the Navy announced this week. The move doesn't go into effect immediately because the Navy wants to give crewmembers enough time to quit smoking if they choose to do so.

that means we have to come up with a new punch line for an old joke. Do you smoke after sex? "Not me, I serve on a sub."


Bob G.
Fri, 04/30/2010 - 8:44am

"You serve on a sub? Well THAT explains that nice HEALTHY GLOW you got going on there".