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Tailing the Komets

Sunday's game

If you haven't heard yet, Sunday's game has been postponed because of a problem at Missouri's building. It's going to be played April 12.

That's OK, David. Sorry if I went too far. I just get so tired of all the negativity all the time from lots of different people.

Here's an example that really ticked me off. I get to the coliseum last night and barely walked through the door when somebody said the rumor was Jack got in a fight with someone and that's why he retired. Nothing could be further from the truth, but it amazes me how quickly the negative rumor gets around and sold as the truth. Jack simply got tired and wanted to do something else. I talked to him several times over the past few days and he's very happy. You can tell by the way he sounds.

You guys have to remember something, I am not a fan. I care if the Komets win only in that it makes my job easier because the guys are much more fun to talk to. They  probably feel the same way about me. LOL. Win or lose, I still have to do my job. It's also more fun for me when they win because there's much more interest and sometimes it's a much more interesting story.

Here's why my objectivity is important. If I write something, you know to the nth degree that I believe it 100 percent. It's not something someone fed to me or forced me or even wanted me to say. It's what I believe, and it's my best effort to see the bigger picture. You may not always agree, and that's cool, but you know I believe it. I'm not some politician trying to stay on the party message even if I don't believe it.

I just wish you guys would take into consideration the feelings of others when you rant and rave about individuals. The players do read this and so do their families. I hear about stuff like that in the locker room all of the time, and I sympathize with the players and with management both. Some of the stuff that gets written really hurts them because this is their life. They really do want to win, and sometimes the postings make me wonder everybody understands that.

Yes, you can say it's part of the game, but it's minor league hockey, folks, and it is a game. Take a step back sometimes and take a deep breath. There's always another game coming up. You want to get upset about something, how about Team USA's loss today.

As for the Frankes getting ragged on all the time, Monday's story is from Andrew Luciuk talking about how well the players are treated here compared to other UHL cities. He says most of the players here have no idea how good they have it. Most of the things were better than expected. He was thrilled to be coming to Fort Wayne because the reputation is that the players get treated very well. And it wasn't just toeing the company line, either, because he talked for about an hour and a half, and the question was, what's the difference between UHL cities.

As part of that, it has always baffled me that if so many guys supposedly hate Greg Puhalski, how come 13 tried to come back this year?

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Sun, 02/19/2006 - 12:26am

I'm glad you wrote that Blake. I've come to realize that that the bloggers here and on justin's blog tend to be negative. Well no, I don't want to say we're all negative...let me explain. I think we all have the idea that no matter what goes on out there, we have the answer to make it better. It's hard for us to just post 'it was a great game' without adding the 'but I would have' or 'this should have been like this...' I don't think most of us are as unhappy as we seem to write. We just have a must-fix attitude. Sure some go a little far and some seems like they will not be happy with it ever. For those it seems like they're only happy when they see the Komets fall and I wish they would never come back to this board. As for me I'm going to make it a point for now on to post more possitive. We are very fortunate to have the players and have the team. 50+ years and Ft Wayne has always had a hockey team. We are so spoiled with always having a good team at a good venue with so many fans we don't give anyone a break for a second. Blah blah blah I'm just rambling on now, I think I've made my point.

Sun, 02/19/2006 - 5:21am

Blake, I had a question about the events that went down at the game. I thought for sure you would have had a posting about this, since it was such a big deal in the game. (Only at thet point it happened, not in the end.) When should the ref blow a play dead due to injury and can a play be dead before the whistle blows?

Last night, I think it was in the second, on of the Flint players went down behind the play and gave the Komets a 5-4. The ref blew the play dead due to injury. I understand the player was hurt and needed to be helped so blow it dead. In the third, Flint had another player go down, the ref saw him down, but since Flint had the puck he waited. The ref put his whistle to his mouth, to me it looked like a few of the players on both teams quit on the play since it was a "dead" puck for the injury, but the ref waited till Flint got a shot off and they scored. They counted the goal and then helped the player off the ice. Why the difference?

Also the blown call of the goalie mask comming off. I understand the safty issue about shots flying at him without protection, but isn't the play only dead when the whistle blows? Lance ripped a shot right off "Marsha" Brady's mask, knocking it off his head. Brady caught it put it on and the Komets ripped another shot. The puck went in, the whistle blew due to the mask being off, and the goal was disallowed. When is the play dead? When the mask comes off or when the ref blows the whistle?

With that being asked, the Komets played a hell of a game, gave Kurk a big cushion, and Guinn lit up that General comming acrossed the ice with his head down!


Sun, 02/19/2006 - 6:51am

Hoss - there is a rule book availible on the usa hockey website. Here is a time saver for you though.

Injured player - Rule 206.5:

"When a player is injured so that he cannot continue play or go to his players' bench, the play shall not be stopped until the injured player's team has secured possession of the puck; if the player's team is in possession of the puck at the time of injury, play shall be stopped immediately, unless his team is in a scoring position.
(Note) In the case where it is obvious that a player has sustained a serious injury, the Referee and/or Linesman may stop the play immediately. "

As for the goalie mask, see rule 304.1.

"In all classifications, if the goalkeeper's helmet/face mask comes off during play, the Referee or Linesman shall stop play immediately."

Sun, 02/19/2006 - 7:53am

I thought the call on the no goal was correct..this is a safety issue with the goalie, I'm pretty sure if Frenchy lost his mask you would want play stopped to. It works both ways here. As for the injured player, I think the play would of been stopped if it would of been in the Generals zone and he would of risked further injury. It was on the other end of the ice..so the play wasn't stopped. I have no problem with that...

Sun, 02/19/2006 - 8:00am

Blake I had no problem with you venting your displeasure at my comments nor did I take it as a personnel attack. I agree ones frustration should not be posted here or directed at an individual or individuals. For that reason I will take your advise and take a step back and take a deep breathe before posting something for now on.

Now last nights game...was it me or did Flint look like the most disinterested team? Really kind of a ho hum game, but the K's went through and around Flint. Did you think Kelly Miller had one heck of a game? I thought he skated his tail off, forecheck, and had some great scoring chances. He set PC for a goal. Also, Hukalo is really playing well which is great to see. He has to be the comeback player of the year imo.

Sun, 02/19/2006 - 8:05am

To add to my previous post.

The UHL rule book read about the same but the section numbers are different:

injured player: Rule 18-F (pg 19)
goalie mask: Rule 22-B (pg 27)

Sun, 02/19/2006 - 8:16am

Blake, I think the time was overdue for you to come down on some of the personal attacks on Komet players. I have read some that were clearly out of line and should have been deleted the second they were posted. Which ones? I have been offended especially by the repeated attacks on Rob Guinn over the past several weeks. I think he needs to know that he does have a lot of support and those that attack and boo him are the minority. He has had some great games for sure (check Wednesday in Rockford) and does anyone but me remember the terrific play he made in game 7 OT against Rockford last season to keep Chaulk's face off draw to him just inside the blue line before heading down the left boards and delivering a pass on a silver platter to Goodwin for the series winning goal? My point is that there is a group of "fans" who always rag on someone. There is always someone they target. Before Rob, it was Neumeier and all he did was go out and win UHL Defenseman of the Year award. Years ago it was Terry Lucyk. The one thing the "fans" focus on Guinn has done is take some of the heat off Jorde that was evident early in his stay here and allowed him to fit in and contribute. I have gone on too long, but I am not upset if you ever remove any nasty, personal attacks that are over the line. If they offend me, I can only imagine how the players and their families feel when they read the junk.

Sun, 02/19/2006 - 11:34am

It's always a defensive style defenseman and a forward who doesn't fight. It's tradition almost, but that doesn't mean it's always right. Shoot, I remember when they were getting on Kevin Schmidt, but now everybody loves him. Kevin probably got the most out of his ability of any UHL Komet.

Sun, 02/19/2006 - 12:27pm

The beautiful thing about this country is that we have the freedom of speech...You also have the freedom to skip a blog if you feel it is getting too negative...Blake has the freedom to remove any blogs that he feels are too overboard...and 7000 to 8000 people have the right to go to or skip any hockey game they so choose...I assume that every person in their families have at least one person who have fought for these ideals. I think it was great that the Marines that were at ther game the other nite were recognized and asked to participate in the off ice games. I read this blog and justin's a couple times a day to get updates and see how others "see" the game. Just about everyone this year have been both positive or negative or inbetween with their comments....just about everyone has defended a favorite player or trade/aquisition. There are also those who seem to post comments just to get everyone in an uproar. All I say is this...take everything with a grain of salt and appreciate that we have a forum where we can all say what we feel about the sport we all love....hockey...

Sun, 02/19/2006 - 2:36pm

Nice comments there JR I am with you

Sun, 02/19/2006 - 6:47pm

Your comments were definitely long overdue, Blake. After so much negativity, I kind of gave up on these blogs, especially after reading all the Rob Guinn bashing. Thank you for stepping up and saying something about the negativity.

I agree with everything Rick said above. When I read something on here that offends me (like the constant bashing towards Guinny), I can't even imagine what the players think. They probably assume that what they read on here is what the majority of the fans think, and that couldn't be further from the truth.

At this point in the season, I really can't find anything to complain about (well... besides maybe the officiating, LOL). I love the team we have now. I had some early annoyances with Miller and Dupuis, but they've really come around within the past few months. The team as a whole is looking a lot better, and I'm looking forward to the playoffs now, which were something I was actually dreading there for awhile. LOL


(If you're interested in joining the Komets Booster Club, send an e-mail here: kometsboosterclub@yahoo.com We have great things planned!)

Sun, 02/19/2006 - 6:54pm

Freedom of Speech - use this cliche when you stand behind your comments. Use it when you would have no problem saying the exact same thing you typed on an internet blog behind a fake name and e-mail, to the person's face. Just have some personal accoutability in what you say. Ever been on FireMikeDavis.com? Biggest abuse of freedom of speech I have ever seen.

Things are probably going to be pretty quiet for awhile around here with no games at home. But they will flare up again, rest assured of that.

Hit Somebody!!!
Sun, 02/19/2006 - 7:09pm

Mark, player was hurt in the Flint zone behind the play in which our guys were on a Fast Break in front of the net, the whistle blew, we still had the puck. NO big Deal though.

Kelly Miller played his butt off, once again. He could have easily had 6 goals Saturday with the chances he made for himself. His assist to PC was awesome. He goes so unrecognized on this team. I think he is a Star. He does all the little things to make this team successful. He puts so much pressure on the other team on the PK unit. Blake, look back at our record since acquiring Kelly Miller. I bet our record is awesome.

As far as the players reading this blog: STOP READING THIS BLOG. What do you expect. Yes, everyone on here at one time or another has a gripe with a particular player or two. This is the place to let our frustrations rip. Keep it constructive, don't get personal. Keep having an opinion though. The old saying goes: Opinions are like "you know whats", everybody has one.

Otherwise, lets discuss some other topic of interest. Oh how lovely the weather is in Fort Wayne this weekend. I love to walk outside just long enough for my nose to turn into an ice cube. That darn Jack Frost, who the heck brought him to Fort Wayne anyway. He can't bring us any heat. Can't we trade him for Mr. Sun. Who the heck is in charge of this weather anyway? Mother Nature or the owner, God?

Yes, lost my mind....

Charlie I
Sun, 02/19/2006 - 11:18pm

Maybe it is good that the players have read this blog and the other one. Seems to me that some of the ones being bashed are playing better....Hmmm......motivation maybe?? DUH. I know I have been critical of some players but it isn't anything I wouldn't say to their face. I am sure everyone in their job gets as much grief as these guys are getting but we usually don't know it because we aren't in the spotlight. Let it slide off your shoulders or let it motivate you. Don't put your head down and go gosh darn those fans are talking bad about me again ho hum. So guys if you read this play some hockey and show those fans who hate on you all the time that they are dead wrong. Show us you are better then everyone.

Mon, 02/20/2006 - 6:00am

I, for one, have never used a fake name or e-mail or gone on one of the fire anyone websites....I personally think that is going too far. I can use that cliche because thats why I served in the military...Everybody has their own comments and you should take them as that...ONLY THEIR COMMENTS....its not 7500 people all commenting under the same name...if you dont like the entry move on...

Tony E
Mon, 02/20/2006 - 6:45am

It may be cliche but if you haven't played the game, while you have every right as a fan to be critical, it is very hard for you to put yourself in the shoes (well, skates) of the players. I only made it to AA Juniors but 13 years of playing the nets taught me alot. I can tell you that these guys are only playing in Fort Wayne because they love the game. Most of you make more money in a year than they do playing hockey and you don't put up with the lousy bus trips, fan abuse (in other cities) and time away from your family at this level if you don't love the game. Every player in this league has a flaw. Many have more than one. That is why they are at the UHL level and not higher. However, 99% of the time, flaws or not these guys give everything they have and in turn, the fans get an entertaining night out at a fraction of the cost of an NHL ticket.
Ok, I'm done lol. I will duck and hide under my desk. ;-)

Mon, 02/20/2006 - 7:53am

The cliche comment was not directed at anyone here. I just want to be clear on that. I just get tired of people abusing the right because they are sitting behind a monitor. I play in a few different internet leagues and you see the same kind of stuff there from a few people.
What we ought to do is give all the players our name, address, and place of employment so they can come on over and dot a few eyes. Or maybe Guinn would like to stand beside somone's desk yelling and screaming at how bad they suck at what they do. or maybe you have a empty corner in your office and you would like to decorate it with the cardboard cutout of Chief (I'm kidding). Think about this, someone at your job is talking negative about you or your work performance. Maybe there is a reason that your struggling with your work, but to them you are just slacking off. Would you sit there and take it or would be be mad enough to confront this person? You would be a liar if you said you wouldn't want to protect your good name. It runs along the same lines as what happens on this board sometimes.
Hey Tony...love the "never played the game" statement. It's right on. All the time I would love to say to some of the yahoo's yelling to strap on some skates if its that easy to do. ALL wouldn't last 2 minutes.

Tony E
Mon, 02/20/2006 - 9:41am

Lol all I got for my 13 years was short, ugly and dizzy. I don't mind people complaining or yelling sometimes. Heck that is what sports is, and in all honesty, Komet fans are about as loyal as you will find anywhere. I am a huge Leafs fan and I listen everyday to the fan 590 out of Toronto. The fans there are such lunatics, the team could be on a 9 game winning streak and you will STILL get people calling to fire Pat Quinn or trade Sundin or whatever.
I really don't mind the complaining. I just wish people would understand that these are not the typical "overpaid professional athletes" that you watch on TV making fools of themselves. Most of these guys, especially the Canadian born players grew up dreaming of playing for the Leafs or the Habs. Then they find themselves in Fort Wayne Indiana. I talk to friends of mine in Canada who can't believe people in Indiana like hockey. Heck I didn't believe it when I first lived there. Fort Wayne is a very different place from where most of them came from and yet many choose to stay not only for several years, but also to live after they retire.
I would sum this up this way folks. One of these players could one day be teaching your kids in school or saving you from your burning house while working for the fire department. How will you feel knowing that this was the same guy whose manhood you were questioning a few years back?
Ok, I am done.

Mon, 02/20/2006 - 10:06am

Amen, Tony.

Mon, 02/20/2006 - 1:15pm

Amen x2!

Hit Somebody!!!
Mon, 02/20/2006 - 5:48pm

What the heck, if you didn't play hockey sometime in your life, you can't be a fan and have an opinion about the team? What logic. Are you guys kidding? Do you realize 98% of Komet Fans never have played organized hockey?
I like the marketing potential on this.

Komet Hockey....If you haven't played it, you can't watch it, or even comment on it.

You guys live in a different world. You guys have taken things way too serious, the opposite direction. Do you guys want bloggers who come on here and just say:

Yep, I agree. Go Komets. Out!

The only reason people really come on here is so they can be lectured by the other bloggers everytime they have an opinion on something. Wow, lots of fun there. This blog should be titled for now on:

Tailing the Scoops & Tony E's, the only guys allowed to have an opinion because they played the game.

This is hilarious. I'm going to the Komet office tomorrow to turn the rest of my season tickets in and tell the Frankes that "I'm not worthy of watching this team anymore because I never had an opportunity to play High School Hockey." I guess I will have to support the Wizards because I played semi-pro baseball. So, message to the rest of you non-playing baseball fans out there: If you never played High School Baseball, you can't be a fan. Even though it is the National Pastime. LOL

Tony E
Mon, 02/20/2006 - 6:28pm

You apparently did not read everything I said. Maybe I need to shorten my rants......

Mon, 02/20/2006 - 6:28pm

Hit Somebody, here's how I equate it, and I'm sorry if this sounds condescending. I've been sitting here trying to figure out another way to say it:

Say you were an accountant and I was interested in math. Does that mean I know more math than you? Of course not. It's your life, you work at it day after day for years so obviously you would know more than I would. You'd probably be insulted if I said I knew more than you in your chosen field, and deservedly so.

It's kind of the same for the players.They see some of the comments and just wonder where the "expertise'' is coming from, that's all.

Of course you can have an opinion about what you see as right or wrong. Say whatever you want,I'm just asking people not to get personal with their attacks against players or other bloggers, that's all.

BTW, I am NOT a fan, and I can prove it to you. When I'm on my off time, I do not watch sports. The only favorite team I have is the Bears because I'll never have to cover them, but I rarely get to see their games because I'm working. I never go out to a ballgame either. I don't like to spend my time off doing what I do every day for work. It's not fun for me, and I think to be a fan it has to be fun, right?

I just watch games in a different way than fans, or at least most fans. That's not good or bad, it's just different. Come sit with me sometime and you'll see how detached I am. I'm the same way when I sit in the stands. I get excited about good stories, not so much plays. Half the time Justin and I are elbowing each other to stay awake. LOL.

Seriously, come sit with me sometime. We could probably both learn from each other.

Send me an e-mail.

Hit Somebody!!!
Mon, 02/20/2006 - 7:30pm

I think the comparison of sports fans having opinions negative or positive about teams and players; and these players coming to our work and telling us that we suck is a very weak comparison. I all ready have people who comment on my work, daily. My customers, my boss, my co-workers, etc. Why would a Hockey Player come to my place of employment when it is not an element of my job? The Fan, like it or not, is an element of the game. Isn't it?

Just a funny question: So, if I go to McDonalds, and order a Big Mac and I pay my money and open the wrapper and take my first bite and it tastes like crap because the grill-boy didn't cook the meat correctly, and I comment to the cashier that my sandwich tastes crappy and I didn't like it, and the grill-boy over-hears my conversation with the cashier and comments back to me, "hey you, dude, you are not a McDonalds employee and have never made a Big Mac, so who are you to question my skills of flipping burgers?" "How do you know how a Big Mac should taste and be prepared if you have never done it yourself." And then he says "you have only ate hamburgers from McDonalds and therefore should not make negative comments about it because this is what I do for a living and you are hurting my feelings, Dude!?"

Is this kind of what you mean? Do you see my point, or is everyone confused now?

At least there are fans that go to the MC to see the Komets. After all, this could be Roanoke Valley or Flint!!!

Count your blessings. Enjoy the games. If you are a fan or not, jury is still out. Not sure how you can follow a team around and not every now and again care about what happens if you do enjoy what you do. You are lucky, blessed to be doing what you do. I'm sure it stinks at times, but I bet you can think of a lot worse things to be doing. Work my job for 5 minutes. Depressing.

Tony E
Mon, 02/20/2006 - 7:55pm

"HIT" lol I THINK I understood your point. But I am VERRRRRY tired now.... I will read again on Thursday night when I get home.

Mon, 02/20/2006 - 9:12pm

Interesting posts.... 2 comments
1) Everyone is entitled to their opinion, that is the purpose of a blog.

2) Blake I will never in a million years believe that the Komets are only a job to you.

Mon, 02/20/2006 - 10:50pm

Please don't get me wrong. I love my job and couldn't imagine doing anything else. I believe this is what God put me here to do. I see it as my calling. But to do my job, I can't be a fan. I didn't mean to denigrate your job, either, and I'm sorry if it came across that way. That was not my intent at all.

To me this has been a really interesting conversation. It must be to a lot of other people, too judging by the posts.

Tue, 02/21/2006 - 1:33am

Good post Hit Somebody....I agree with you. There are probably alot of poeple out there whos jobs require them to be invloved with customer service and take crap from unhappy people day in and day out. I also agree with Tony E. that former players have more insites as to the nuiances of the game. I, however, do believe that you have a large group of very knowledgable fans who cant help but pick up a lil bit of hockey knowledge by watching for 10, 20, or 30+ years. In the end we're all big fans of the Komets and just want to see them succeed...

Tue, 02/21/2006 - 9:05am

For the record.....I have NEVER played professional hockey but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn last night.

Tue, 02/21/2006 - 11:08am

Hit I posted the same type of argument a couple months ago when this topic came up. To keep it simple I agree that you must take the bad with the good. That being said there is a big difference between saying "so and so doesn't hustle enough" or "needs to hit people more" and saying "That guy's wife should leave him and his kids should get taken away" or "He's impotent and has bad breath" or whatever. Kind of outrageous examples, but hopefully you get the point. We have no right into any players personal life. However, we do pay to see them and I don't feel like criticizing their play is crossing the line. In my view it's like a family. I can punch, kick and tease my brother all I want. If somebody else does it, it's go time. I don't think anyone views our guys as overpaid, spoiled athletes. We do like them to play hard and play smart. Heck, rec league softball guys take just as much guff about their play as the K's players. If you don't believe me check out nsanorth.com and look at the message board on there. Long story longer, if you stick to the game and stay out of there houses there should be no problem.