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Tailing the Komets

Take a deep breath

Here's a story from Lou Holtz's days at Notre Dame:

"The expectations here at Notre Dame can change a little bit as you go along. When I first started, everybody said they just wanted us to be competitive. That first season in 1986 we went 5-6 and lost five games by a total of 14 points. But people said, 'No, when we said competitive, we meant we want you to win.' So the next year we went 8-4 and played in a New Year's Day bowl. But they said, 'No, when we said we want you to win, we meant win them all.' So the next year we did win them all. We went 12-0 and won the national championship. But they said, 'No, you don't understand, we meant we want you to win big.' That's the way it goes at Notre Dame."

So what's the point? What's the Komets' record right now? 12-7-1 after a 7-2-0 start. What was it last year after 20 games? 12-7-1 after a 7-2-0 start. Three years ago they were 9-5-3 after 17 games. How did those last two years end up?

I would guess if you went back and looked at the blog a year ago and two years ago you'd see the exact same things said by some of the exact same people. Are they playing great right now? No way, and they certainly should be playing better, but does anyone doubt they have the talent? That right there is the problem. The talent is still spinning its skates right now -- just like it did last year and the year before last year. Do you really think these vets won't kick it in? Have you totally ignored the last two springs? There's nothing they love better than someone telling them they are done and have no chance.

Give them a chance to work it out. No wonder all the other teams in the league hate Komets fans. LOL. If things don't get turned around in a month, management will make changes. They always have. Look at all the changes they made last year. The only time Komets management has been shy about shaking things up is always right before CHRISTMAS. They never make changes then unless the player initiates it.

BTW, I love the fact that ``mashed potatoes'' is calling out Kevin Bertram for supposedly running away from Lawmaster. Does anyone else see the irony of someone using a fake name anonymously to call someone else a wimp? Get a life. You're exactly right, he should have jumped him during a one-goal game to give up a power play in the final five minutes.

Last 10 games Bertram is plus-7 and no one else is better than plus-3 and only four players on the whole team are positive (One of those is Syroczynski with one game played). The whole team is minus-22!

I don't like calling out individual bloggers too often but that's ridiculous. "Mashed Potatoes" go to box for a five-minute major and feel shame!

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Thu, 12/10/2009 - 4:10pm

Blog post of the year from Blake. Absolutely every single thing is right on here Blake. Thanks for some context and grounded perspective.

I think right now Muskegon and their top line is the best team in the league--they've got some goaltending and better guys on the blue line

I think Port Huron is a close second. Stan is a great coach and they played a controlled road game and capitalized on each of our mistakes.

Komets come in third right now...lots of injuries, team isn't together yet...but read everything Blake wrote.

If Flint could get a grinder or two to dig pucks out of the corners, I think they are the most dangerous of the four remaining teams. It would scare me to play them in the playoffs as I think they could crank it up with veteran leadership.

Thu, 12/10/2009 - 4:18pm

Thanks for the "Voice of Reason" Blake. Its Early in the season...relax everyone! Go Komets!

Thu, 12/10/2009 - 4:48pm

C'mon blake, Ill bet you have used a fake name on another teams blog before, c'mn tell the truth!

Put warner, shrock and huckalo out to shadow muskys top line and you could beat them everytime.

Drulia is a good coach and it sounds like the K's played right into there game plan, If you dont make teams pay the price when they enter the jungle that is what happens they quietly sneak out with a boring road win.

Salvucci, i think that you are correct about Flint. with a couple more decent players they could end up being a pretty dangerous team the rest of the season and playoffs.

Blake Sebring
Thu, 12/10/2009 - 4:54pm

Actually, never have and never would, Tiger. If I can't say it with my name behind it, it shouldn't be said. You are exactly right about playing into PH's gameplan though. I could not believe the Komets tried to get into a run and gun game with them.

Blake Sebring
Thu, 12/10/2009 - 4:56pm

Plus, I usually get in enough trouble for the stuff I say behind my own name, I don't need any help!

Thu, 12/10/2009 - 5:21pm

That's why, with very few exceptions, I'm not asking bloggers to be interview guests anymore. Most of them are just a bunch of chickens. Buc! Buc! Buc! ;) :D

Thu, 12/10/2009 - 5:32pm

If anyone has noticed I have remained silent for very good reason. Blake said it all for me. I use my name for the same reason Blake does. If I can't same anything nice about people I just would rather be not say anything. I can get in all the trouble I need to without any help. Some of you know what I trying to say. Wendy, I hope I am still in your future!

Enough Already
Thu, 12/10/2009 - 5:34pm

Lou Holtz also said ND was going to be undefeated National Champions... haha

Batman W/O mask
Thu, 12/10/2009 - 5:40pm

mightbite=chicken+300 lbs. on tv/ bloomy & musky will beat-down the Komets/

Thu, 12/10/2009 - 5:53pm

Wendy, i would but im a little camera shy + im hiding on my yacht for a little while until everything blows over.

Ive never really seen anyone say anything to mean on here, just fans being armchair quarterbacks, thats part of the fun of being a fan, sometimes it seems some get to sensitive about comments, i like reading comments good and bad. its fun to play G.M.

Hit Somebody!!!
Thu, 12/10/2009 - 5:59pm

Schebig is ticked off and wants the Komets to start playing like Champions....I heard you loud and clear there buddy. Is there anything wrong with calling it like you see it? These players probably know that they aren't giving it all they have. I know the whole relax and give it time....but I am reflecting on the last 3-4 games where these guys have shown no energy, no excitement, no hustle, no hitting. My point is, Why aren't they playing Komet Hockey? I didn't say they aren't capable of playing good hockey, just right now, they are playing like crap, and it is because of the effort. That is fixable. I am sure Al and Michael and David have told them a few times about it. It really is not a secret that they aren't themselves right now. Is the impending cuts coming have guys burnt out??? That would be my guess. Let's get guys back, and see where we are. The chemistry on the lines aren't great right now, that will work itself out once the roster is set, somewhat.

Just play hard...that is all I ask....if you lose playing hard, I will say good job, just not your night. But the lack of energy and moping around last night bothered me alot. If the effort is there, no moaning from me. Hit Somebody!!! Please!!!

Thu, 12/10/2009 - 6:32pm

Blake, I find it ironic that you are telling everyone to relax when most were just reiterating what you yourself posted in your recap of the game...no hitting, no chemistry, no energy, etc... Everyone is entitled to thier own opinions and people are voicing them. The last 2 games (1 win/1 lose)that I have been able to attend, I have left unsatisfied...period! With entertainment dollars at a premium these days with the economy the way it is and especially around the holidays I want to be able to say I paid for an enjoyable 3 hours of entertainment, win or lose...

I love this K's team and organization; but I do not love how they are playing this year. Last year they were able to catch lightning in a bottle and were playing thier best hockey towards the end of the year and transformed that into another championship. I just hope that Al can find a way to light a fire under the players rears again this year and get these players playing like we know they are capable of....

Thu, 12/10/2009 - 6:44pm

wendy, you can interview me anytime, if i could just get to a game!!! blake said it all, same thing every year and every year things start to jell and fall into place. now if it were january 11th it would be a different story. i dont mind people critiqing people but i do find the attacks on people to be out of line specially if yu havent yourself played the game. its like last year when people were all over bertram but none of them undertood the stress he was under due to two jobs and the illnesss of one of his kids. if someones playing subpar then talk about it but no need to attack the person and on here it seems like a few people have a personal vendetta against some of the guys. merry christmas all and i hope to be live in person soon!

Blake Sebring
Thu, 12/10/2009 - 6:44pm

JR, I have no problem with anything you have said recently or in the past. Some of the stuff today was just getting a little stupid and I felt like I had to reign it back in a little. Some of the stuff, particularly what you didn't get to read, was over the line.

Blake Sebring
Thu, 12/10/2009 - 6:52pm

Oh, crap, Chuckitt pulled the ``played the game'' card. Here we go... LOL.

Thu, 12/10/2009 - 7:02pm

Gotcha Blake, I should have guessed there was more to it than what I have read... Some fans do get riled up and then lose that decency check valve and start to say some downright moronic stuff... I'm a moderator on another hockey board and have had to clean up my fair share of nasty posts, so I feel your pain...lol

Thu, 12/10/2009 - 7:04pm

Geez blake, you were a little rough on guyser today in the paper, talk about calling someone out.

Thu, 12/10/2009 - 7:06pm

I played pond hockey...does that count?

In fact I was actually kicked off a pond (by the owner) for uummm... "overly enthusiastic" play.....lol

Merry Christmas to you too, Chuckitt.....

Blake Sebring
Thu, 12/10/2009 - 7:24pm

That's funny JR. How old were you?

Tiger, Guy and I have talked about this over the years. I simply described what happened. I have tremendous respect for him as a player and as a man. He'll bounce back strong.

Thu, 12/10/2009 - 7:39pm

back at ya jr!

Blueline Baby
Thu, 12/10/2009 - 7:46pm

chuckitt, maybe Wendy can get Otto to come to your house and do a remote? We need to get you as a guest. Just because you can't come out and play should not meant you should be left out of the fun....

And holy cow, I so need to stop with the sleeping and working....I missed quite the flood of comments on here! I sure hope the guys stay off the blogs this week. I'll stay annoyingly positive, and I'll just keep it to myself.

OK, one thing I do have to say about Haun....he's done amazingly well for a backup, but tie him to the crossbars already and call him Kevin Reiter!!!!! He does make me nervous. I am saying 4-letter words I stopped saying back when Reiter went to England, and that is not a good thing.

Thu, 12/10/2009 - 7:54pm

16 or 17 Blake... I skipped playing basketball in high school so that I could play pond hockey (my parents couldnt afford all the equipment to play "organized" hockey). Would go straight from school to the pond/s and play til dark, and played with all the kids who were playing highschool hockey (when they werent playing or practicing, that is)... They all played with most of thier equipment and I played with skates, gloves, and my stick...oh and an old pair of football elbow pads...lol, my shins would be black and blue from Dec. to Mar. God, those were the days...

Blake Sebring
Thu, 12/10/2009 - 7:56pm

Sounds like fun. We lived on a cul de sac and used to play street hockey all the time. Back when I could run farther than, oh, three steps.

Thu, 12/10/2009 - 8:23pm

I never played hockey but I did get kicked out of band, does that count.

Thu, 12/10/2009 - 8:25pm

As long as you have stayed in a Holiday Inn Express at least once since then....

Thu, 12/10/2009 - 8:30pm

I win, Schebig is a Foo Foo.

Five Minute Major
Thu, 12/10/2009 - 8:39pm

You should do the interview, Tiger! Wendy is fun to talk to and if you ask her nicely she might bake you some of her awesome cookies! I haven't been brave enough to watch my interview yet, but my DVR actually worked this time.

Charlie I
Thu, 12/10/2009 - 8:42pm

Well if anybody interviews my dad they better get the censors ready.....especially if they are playing bad....lol

Thu, 12/10/2009 - 8:44pm

Tiger hold out for those perks the movie stars get when they do Letterman, etc... Dressing room, free champagne, snacks and supply Wendy with a pre-approved list of questions so your not thrown off guard and look foolish.........LOL

Five Minute Major
Thu, 12/10/2009 - 8:46pm

I think my Mom and I sound like those two old guys on the Muppets when the K's are playing bad. Except we don't sit in the balcony!