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Tailing the Komets

Talked to the Frankes

Some highlights:

* No truth to the rumor they were involved in or interested in purchasing either Port Huron or Bloomington. ``I think a lot of the discussion came on that because we were involved in all the negotiations in those deals,'' Michael Franke said. ``With Richard leaving, I was the person in the middle of all that representing the league. Somebody had to be there.''

* There will be a new record book and the league is studying  if all the old IHL trophies are available, and if they are, do they want to use them or go in a different  direction.

* The reason  the  league did not do more to announce the new ownership groups in Port Huron and Flint  was because they wanted those  teams to be able to do it in their own cities.

*  There are  expansion plans, but  the owners won't be talking about them any time soon. "It's out there and that's all we're going to say right now,'' Franke said. ``We probably will be less talkative as time goes on about these kind of issues. Talking about some of these things too soon can harm the situations and make it more difficult for you to get things accomplished.'' Not to mention some of the rumors were laughable.

*  The league has instituted minimum standards for buildings and ownership  possibilities.

*   Teams are not allowed to speak with players before  Wednesday's dispersal  draft but they  are allowed to talk to their  agents to see if they are  available.

* David Franke talked with  Pascal Morency today and said, ``If he doesn't play in the AHL this is where he'd like to play.  They are  continuing to see what  opportunities they can get in the AHL, and that probably won't be finalized until  early August.''

* The Komets hope to have decisions from Guy Dupuis and Bruce Richardson by the end of the week. Richardson  has provided some input for the  dispersal draft.

That's all for now.

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