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Tailing the Komets

Talked to Lance today

He skated at practice for the second time and said he believes he's ahead of schedule. He's hoping to skate in at the least the last four games of the regular season, but he said the best way for the boys to keep him on the sidelines was to keep winning.

He's definitely back on track as far as raising the volume level in the locker room.

Lance said he might be back even earlier than that since there are 11 games left in the regular season and he has played 288 in his career. He needs to finish the season at 299 games play to not qualify as a veteran player next season.

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Tue, 03/28/2006 - 10:59am

That's good to hear! I can't wait to see him back in the lineup.

Tue, 03/28/2006 - 12:28pm

Well it looks like Lance would be easy to re-sign next year since he wont be a vet.

Glad to hear he is close to returning.

Tue, 03/28/2006 - 12:41pm

Lance already has another year on his contract.

Jungle Monkey
Tue, 03/28/2006 - 3:19pm


Can't wait to see Lance back on the ice!

Komet Fan
Wed, 03/29/2006 - 8:39am

Blake, who do the Komets already have signed for next year? You have mentioned Galbraith, but who else? Thanks.

Wed, 03/29/2006 - 11:19am

Still working on it.

Wed, 03/29/2006 - 5:17pm

Chaulk and Drouin for sure and Frenchy has a player option for next year.