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Tailing the Komets

Talking with Frenchy

I spent some time this week with Kevin St. Pierre for a story that's going to appear Tuesday, and he had some very interesting things to say about shutouts. He said he never thinks about them because you have to be lucky to get them, and he pointed out Quad City's 2-0 shutout of the Komets last week. Look how many posts we hit, he said. I remember a crossbar and two posts.

So fast forward to Saturday night and St. Pierre needs one shutout to break a tie with Joe Dimaline for the all-time UHL career shutouts record at 15. I counted three times when the Vipers hit posts, and a couple of other times when Kevin was screened and the puck just hit him.

The shutout also ties Frenchy was Robbie Irons for the Komets career record, depending on how you count them. Irons has 12 regular-season and two playoff shutouts for 14. Frenchy has 13 regular-season and one playoff shutout. There's some dispute because usually you don't count playoff shutouts, but that's the way the Komets total has been kept for years.

By the way, St. Pierre said earlier in the week he'd rather have Robbie's record for Komets shutouts than the UHL mark. It would mean more to him because of the respect he has for Irons, he said. Pretty classy, but then you've have to have class to be able to take a record from a class guy, too.

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Patrick Roy
Wed, 01/04/2006 - 10:04am

Oh my. This guy is the best goalie in the history of goalies. I think we should give him a lifetime contract for 1 million a year. I would also like to invite him and his family to stay in my house so he can save money on rent.

Does that pacify everyone who is worried about all the negative comments? Were any of you the same people who were cheering when he got pulled in the 1st period a few weeks back, even though it was our defense's fault and not his??

Now to be serious. Kudos to Frenchy. He is a class act and a great goalie. Looking back every great team we have had here has had a great goalie to pull it all together. Lawson, Reddick, Irons etc... Keep it up Frenchy!!

Wed, 01/04/2006 - 7:17pm

Goaltender of the Month!!! Finally he got some recognition. Great job!!! Hope you can keep playing great. MVP so far.

We are going to win, win, win this weekend. Turn this thing around.

Hope we can turn it around with our ALL-STAR AHL defender being in Grand Rapids. How can we possibly win without him. Good luck Ryan. Hope you do well, don't play too FAST there, they may keep you there and we can't do this thing without you. Your fan club will miss you, buddy. When you get back we will all have our Jorde Jerseys on. Your the best.