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Opening Arguments

Tax nut

Happy Tax Day!

People who complain about taxes don't understand a lesson my late father—a conservative Republican—taught me. He used to say that he was honored to pay his taxes because he knew some government was necessary and taxes are the price.

Just wish I wasn't so darn honored!

Oh, well -- this is just another day to me, since I had already completed and mailed in my tax forms . . . yesterday. Oh, you must have owed, waiting so long like that, someone said. Nope, I'm getting back a couple of grand. Are you nuts?

Maybe, and I'm sure my libertarian and conservative friends will be glad to tell me so. But I have no particular plans for the money -- it will just go from the government to my savings account. That's not much of an effort-to-reward ratio, given how much I hate doing the taxes. Yes, I know, had I done them earlier, the money would have been wrested from the government and drawing interest for me for a couple of extra months.

Again, just a few dollars -- not worth the effort. I'm not one of those "it's not the money, it's the principle of the thing" sort of people. It's the money.