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Opening Arguments

TFD, the BFD

I'm a day early with this, but perhaps you'd like to start getting in the supplies to celebrate properly. Tomorrow is Tax Freedom Day, the day we start working for ourselves instead of The Man. This date is one day later than last year's TFD, but more than two weeks earlier than 2007's date. But that's only because the calculation does not include the deficit, even though deficits must eventually be financed, according to the Tax Foundation, which calculates TFD annuall:

 “If Americans were required to pay for all government spending this year, including the $1.3 trillion federal budget deficit, they would be working until May 17 before they had earned enough to pay their taxes — an additional 38 days of work.”

What killjoys, those Tax Foundation folks.

Actually, tomorrow is the overall TFD, but each state's is different -- it was Monday here in Indiana, showing what a "low tax" state we are. Four whole days extra of our own money. Woo hoo.


Bob G.
Thu, 04/08/2010 - 10:53am

Keep it while you CAN, that is...