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Tailing the Komets

They sure picked a great night to do blog maintenance


What the heck, how much fun was that game to watch?

Here's some quick notes. Al Sims said it's very doubtful Kevin Bertram will play on Monday. Ken Dufresne got a couple of shifts in Game 6, but mostly Brandon Warner played some D. He also played forward. Guy Dupuis must have played 40 minutes in this game, on his 38th birthday by the way.

Port Huron folks were disgusted with the officiating. It was a brutal game, but I didn't think either team had an advantage. Jeff Zehr's penalty with four minutes left was about the dumbest thing I've seen all series.

Anyway, I'm still up writing. There will be two stories at www.news-sentinel.com in our Sunday on-line package by the morning. We'll also have a two- or three-story package in Monday's paper.

Hope everybody had a safe trip home.

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