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Tailing the Komets

Time to concentrate on the game

Sounds like everybody's getting pretty feisty. Some of you already have your gameface on!

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Blake Sebring
Fri, 04/17/2009 - 2:59pm

Best things about playoff hockey
These are the things that make memories and Komets legends

Here's a list of the best things about playoff hockey:

* Whiteouts (or orange as we prefer) - NHL teams like their fans to wear white shirts, but Komets fans wear orange.

* Janice Shepler's "It's time to get loud" sign behind sections 202 and 204 - It's an annual tradition.

* Icy's entrances - "Easy Rider" was hilarious.

* Komets flags waving after Fort Wayne scores - Another growing tradition.

* 6 p.m. Sunday starts - They help, especially because you always see...

* More Komets fans at road games - There were about 250 Fort Wayne fans at Game 6 in Muskegon (last year) and they made a big impact on the game, especially when you start...

* Hearing "Let's go Komets" on the road - It's amazing how much noise 250 inspired people can make.

* Driving all night and still going to work in the morning - Something you'd never consider during the winter, but everyone has extra adrenalin at this time of year.

* A good excuse to stay up late on a school or work night - It also gives you something to talk about the next day.

* Reliving fantastic memories - Which was better, Game 7 against Indianapolis in 1991, Game 3 against San Diego in 1993, Game 5 against Quad City in 2003 or Game 7 against Rockford in 2005?

* Overtimes - There's nothing better, especially deep in a series. Even better? No shootouts.

* Watching line matchups develop - Who is Colin Chaulk going to put the clamps on tonight?

* Defensive shadows like Peter Hankinson - You could have quite a discussion on who was better, Hankinson or David Hukalo.

* Rumors of what injuries actually are - If they say it's a leg, it's usually an arm. A sprained toe could hide a concussion.

* Wondering if this will be the last time you hear Bob Chase broadcast the Komets - It won't be, thank goodness. (still true)

* Hot goaltenders - Unlike any other sport, one player can lift his team and dominate an entire series.

* Playoff beards/dyed haircuts - Not sure which category Brent Henley's orange beard fits in, but who's going to argue with him?

* Blocked shots - Everyone sacrifices body parts at this time of year.

* True unsung heroes stepping up - Remember Andy Townsend mugging Missouri's Barrett Jackman to allow the Komets to score a game-winning goal in 2005?

* Pre-game anticipation - The later in the series, the more you think about the upcoming games.

* All the home games are replayed on Comcast Ch. 55 and Verizon 25 - Thanks to Pat, Tim and Randi.

* The national anthem - Tom Didier has a lot more folks singing along.

* David Franke blasting the goal horn - By the end of a series, the general manager has carpal tunnel syndrome.

* Starting a new collection of playoff newspapers - Hoping someday they'll be worth the memories if the Komets win it all.

* "Go Komets" signs on local businesses - They seem to grow by the day.

* Post-series handshakes - There's nothing classier.

* Hearing "We are the Champions" after the last game - It's sung by Queen, but means the Komets are kings.

Fri, 04/17/2009 - 3:04pm

I'm pumped, we have quite a crew all weekend, and listen to the pa announcements and watch the scoreboard in Kzoo, HA HA HA!!!!!

Fri, 04/17/2009 - 4:07pm


Fri, 04/17/2009 - 4:18pm

My wife picked up new long sleeve Turner Cup playoff Ts for us today.

I'm trying to choose between two caps. My regular one that has seen a couple of championships or my white Turner Cup Champions from last year.

Haven't decided yet but I'll probably go with the regular one. Not that I'm superstitious, especially when it comes to hockey, it's just that something can be said for tradition.

Besides, why take a chance? ;-)

Fri, 04/17/2009 - 4:52pm

What about high fives from the Twister after every goal?? Or giving those opposing teams' fans a hard time on that long walk out of the Coliseum after their teams have been dealt a loss in the Jungle. Do you know where you are? You're in the Jungle, baby! LET'S GO KOMETS!!