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Tailing the Komets

Time for a new K's captain to step up

You can read today's column here.

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Wed, 12/15/2010 - 4:37pm

To use an analogy, fixing the Komets right now seems to be kind of a Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse now type of situation. We have a situation where the problem is recognized, the "enemy" is known, but we have to get someone to go in and do the actual job. The chosen Captain Willard has to travel into the guts of the morass, find the rogue "Colonel Kurtz", and then terminate him with extreme prejudice. The trick is to stay true to the cause, come out alive, and not become another Kurtz. Other troops have tried it, and no one has ever been successful. All of the men have been lost, one way or another, along the river's long winding path.

The odds of incorporating one new player, or turning an old one, who can then spark the team, solve all of it's existing problems, and still play good heads-up, intelligent hockey are minimal. Captain Willards aren't easy to find. It's much easier to be an officer sitting in Saigon living the good life, calling the shots while some poor grunt does the dirty work for you. Whether it's Vietnam, Cambodia, or Fort Wayne, fixing the problem is assuredly not going to be quick, clean, or pretty. Unfortunately, the job does have to be done.

Wed, 12/15/2010 - 10:37pm

So...who's flying the helicopter with the Playboy bunnies?

Thu, 12/16/2010 - 2:23pm

Hmmmm, and all along I thought it was Colonel Mustard who did the dirty deed with a hockey stick in the library...