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Opening Arguments

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Livin' the dream:

A Niles man will get one more chance to turn his life around after violating his probation just a day after he was sentenced earlier this month in Berrien County Trial Court.

Ivan Senter Fordyce, 40, of Superior Street in Niles, was sentenced for attempted assault with a dangerous weapon, a knife, on Aug. 16 and violated his probation a day later when he didn't report to his probation officer.

[. . .]

The probation violations occurred when he failed to report to his probation officer, failed to reside in an approved residence, violated his curfew, failed to obtain a land phone line and failed to sign up for alcohol monitoring.

Fordyce's attorney, Albert Mais, said his client violated his probation so quickly because he couldn't get a ride from St. Joseph to Niles after being released from the county jail.

“He started walking to Niles, he slept behind a church and when he knew he was in trouble, he drank some alcohol,” he said.

Yeah, slept behind a church, realized he was in trouble, drank some. It could happen to anyone. Especially someone who also viAs Vince Gill knows, you keep giving people "one more last chance" and they'll keep taking it, then ask for yet another. Too soft a touch, judge.