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Tailing the Komets

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Mon, 03/17/2008 - 8:53am

looks like with everyone healthy that two guys will have to be dropped as a playoff roster must be submitted pretty soon. who would you sit?

Mon, 03/17/2008 - 2:51pm


Mon, 03/17/2008 - 3:59pm

I have no idea. I think this is going to be a brutal decision to have to make. You can't even promise a guy you'll give him a contract next year because there's probably going to be an expansion draft. You can put one on a protected list, like they did with Colin Chaulk last year, but I really don't know what they are going to do. It's almost like you hope someone gets hurt so it makes the decison easier, but how sick is that? I personally hate bringing in the two amateur players and always have.

Mon, 03/17/2008 - 7:19pm

I had not realized that Blake. That is a scary thought. Is the Expansion draft from everyone who is on the team at the end of the season?

Mon, 03/17/2008 - 7:51pm

Each team is usally allowed to protect 14 skaters and one goaltender.

Tue, 03/18/2008 - 8:36am

Blake, you say that you hate bringing in the amateurs. I guess I'm a little, or maybe a lot, confused. I thought the roster was 19 plus 2 amateurs as a bonus. Are you saying the roster drops to 19 including the amateurs in the playoffs?

Tue, 03/18/2008 - 9:54am

No, it's definitely 19 AND the two amateurs. My problem is with being required to dump players who have been here all year to get under the roster limit. Basically, they are saying two untested rookies are more valuable than players who may have been here all season, and you'll never convince me that's in the best interest of the fans. I've always been in favor of dropping the veteran rule and the rookie rule and just give me the best players possible under the salary cap.

Tue, 03/18/2008 - 10:34pm

Blake, if you had to choose two to drop (completely let go from the team) who would it be?

I would say Legs and Shiroikov.

I would not like to see Olivier go but he is the only forward we are not using every game and does not seem like he is a critical piece of this team.

I really have not seen much from Maksim and no one ever talks about him so he would be on my list. I know everyone hates on Durdin, which he does give up the puck a lot, however he does have one powerful shot. I can see him coming up big for us in the playoffs.

Wed, 03/19/2008 - 4:44pm

reaason they allow you to add two amatuers is that in an ideal world every team only had 19 players. weve had the luxury of having two extra, so in effect, thje league isnt asking anybody to drop someone cause you really werent suppose to have them in the first place! i too think the rules need to be changed. my ideal would be 21 players with one of those inactive . that way you could have four lines and three defensive combos. id do away with the vet rule but keep a rookie rule of must dress a certain number. id then also raise the salary cap to an ammount all teams could afford to reach. then if you get some secondary affiliations and someone gets sent down, then you are allowed to carry an additonal roster spot and the salary would be paid by the parent, kinda the way the nbdl and the ants do.