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Tailing the Komets

Tuesday's story

Puhalski's plan made the Komets


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Tony E
Tue, 03/07/2006 - 1:54pm

A great column Blake. I don't know if he would win coach of the year in this league but he should get some votes. Motivating atheletes today is difficult and while I am sure that pride had something to do with them kicking themselves in the behind, Puhalski has to be credited. People want him to show emotion more than he does. I submit his even tempered public approach kept the players from turning on him and each other. I have heard he can throw a good tantrum behind closed doors but the players I am sure respect that any anger was kept in the lockeroom and out of the papers.

Tue, 03/07/2006 - 10:13pm

I'm not quite sure why, but I'm more excited about where this season will take us then I have been in years. Just something about where the K's started and what has happened has really made this season interesting. Can they take the cup? Will things fall apart? All I know is that I'm waiting unpatiently.

Wed, 03/08/2006 - 8:40pm

I think Cheif is a good coach - no matter what anybody else says. Are statistics are good with him ..and I'm glad that he doesn't make a mockery of himself on the bench..he shows some class. I'm not there for a show (like the part-time fans), I'm there to watch hockey.

Hit Somebody!!!
Wed, 03/08/2006 - 9:02pm

Good Coach....yes.
Statistics....very good
Wanting him to put on a show....no!
Gets best out of players....most likely
Did a good turn-around-job this year....yes
Shows emotion behind bench one way or another....no
Openly encourages team when on ice....not sure, haven't seen it
Seems lost behind bench....at times
Shows excitement when team scores....never
Shows disappointment when team lets up goal....never
Coaches team during stoppages of play....rarely
Questions officials calls....rarely
Cares whether he is at game or not....can't tell, I would think so.
First guy in the locker room at break....always
Am I Disatisfied with the coach....no
Do I wish he showed emotion....yes
Why....I just can't understand how one can not get excited during a hockey game.

Thu, 03/09/2006 - 7:40am

I dont really have a comment. Hit Somebody!!! just took the words right out of my mouth. Good thing I posted anyway....

Thu, 03/09/2006 - 7:52pm

Hit Somebody: very good post!

Thu, 03/09/2006 - 8:04pm

Maybe he's just really old school. I remember a time when coaches never got up and screamed, they just sat on the bench for basketball. They believed in preparation not losing control. Bobby Knight changed all of that. They were calm, under control and their teams respected that.

The Komets have had coaches in the past, including the not too distant past, that would rant and rave and they lost the respect of the guys very quickly.

Hit Somebody!!!
Thu, 03/09/2006 - 8:45pm

Blake, I hear you. Played College Baseball for a local team that had a Bobby Knight type of personality for the Coach. I think you can probably guess who it is. I hated playing for him. He knew the game, taught me alot, but I felt violated after every game, every practice. I saw more flying bats, water coolers flying, four letter words flying, players flying, parents of players flying, than I could handle. A nightmare.

I am not wanting Greg to be a jerk or anything. I just wonder at times what planet this guy is from? I have never seen someone so unimpressed with life that at a Hockey Game, that his life in some ways depends on, he shows nothing in the emotion department. I'm not coming down on the guy, it just confuses me. As crazy as I get during the games at times, and I look down at the bench and the coach is asleep, or close to it. I guess he is just different. I would love to spend some time with him to see how this guy ticks, or if he does.