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Tailing the Komets

UHL golf outing

As much as some people like to rail on the UHL all the time, the league did something very nice over the weekend by raising nearly $5,000 for St. Louis Children's Hospital with the Children's Classic Gold Tournament. Over 120 golfers participated. The league's 2006 all-star game raised over $10,000 for the hospital.

I can't imagine how difficult this was to pull off for such a small office staff, and every dime went to the hospital. The event drew people from as far away as Canada.

That is impressive.

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Tue, 08/15/2006 - 10:23am

One question. Did the Commish get his mob buddies to donate some cash?

Did I say that????

Tue, 08/15/2006 - 12:41pm

my only problem with it is that shouldnt a charity event run by the league benifet a charity that actually is located within a city that is in the league? sounds like mob boy might have a few contacts with the hospital? i guess anything from now on with brosal is going to be questioned, and rightffully so! uhl..elite professinal hockey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tue, 08/15/2006 - 12:49pm

What does it matter where it is? They helped sick kids, I find that pretty hard to complain about.

Brosal does suck though...lol.

Tue, 08/15/2006 - 1:27pm

lots of sick kids right here. thats the point.

Hit Somebody!!!
Tue, 08/15/2006 - 6:49pm

I bet that Brosal fixed the event so that his team finished in first place. I bet Mr. Galante was on Dickie Boys team, too. Sorry Blake...I can't say anything positive until that scum bucket is gone from this league. He is low life trash. The question is...what else has he fixed, cheated, swayed, etc. that we don't know about? Can you say CORRUPTION?

Hit Somebody!!!
Tue, 08/15/2006 - 6:50pm

I apologize....um.....UHL....Elite Professional Hockey.....I mean. Nice job Dickie.

Tue, 08/15/2006 - 6:59pm

I think that Mr. Galante is playing his golf at a course known as "Club Fed"

Tue, 08/15/2006 - 11:01pm

It was an awesome event! As for being held in a city without a team, I heard some talk there about a new pro team in St. Charles for next season, but they won't be in the UHL.

Wed, 08/16/2006 - 2:41am

Wouldnt that be great...another league comes in with a team, and there is the UHL headquarters in a city without a UHL team in another leagues city. Randy, have they mentioned what league may be moving in ??? Would sound like a no brainer for the CHL...