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Opening Arguments


I was considering weighing in on the Harry Reid light-skinned/Negro dialect imbroglio, but this is far more important:

"I'm sure it was my fault," Seinfeld joked of The Jay Leno Show's declining ratings. "The tuxedo was way over the top," he added, referencing what he wore during his appearance on Leno's debut show.

But seriously, folks, Seinfeld does have an opinion. "I was thinking about the AOL Time Warner deal," he began. "Everyone says what a terrible deal it was... but it was the right idea, just at the wrong time. That's the way I feel about this."

"I'm proud of NBC that they had the guts to try something different, and now they'll go on and try something else," he said of his favorite network.

I'm not so sure it was the right idea but the wrong time so much as it was the right idea but the wrong person. I usually go to bed somewhere between 10 and 11, so I'm not interested in starting a drama that I'll have to watch for an hour. Something like Leno, which you can sort of watch until you're ready to give it up, seemed perfect, so I tried it a few times.

And it was pretty much unwatchable, even in a sort-of sort of way, almost excrutiatingly boring and predictable. Instead of flip chit-chat with several guests, he had a "serious" conversation with one guest per show. And he kept trotting his guests over to drive around a racetrack in his stupid car. The Jay-walking and headlines segments were occasionally amusing, but those don't stretch that far.

Might as well watch the news as that drivel. Come to think of it, the local Fox affiliate has started a 10 p.m. news show to get a jump on the 11 p.m. news on the ABC/NBC and CBS stations, Maybe I'll give that a try.