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Tailing the Komets

That was really something

P.C. Drouin who had so many chances early in the game but couldn't score, gets the last chance late to tie the game and then scored the first goal in the shootout.

Al Sims on General Manager David Franke celebrating on the horn: ``I thought David had a heart attack and fell on the horn there at the end because it had to be going for at least a minute. I said, God, somebody get David's body off the horn. It was unbelievable.''

How about this for a class act: 1963-64 Komets Chuck Adamson and Regge Primeau went into the locker room after the game to congratulate the Komets. One of the guys asked Reggie if he was sad the record was gone, and Reggie said, ``Not really, half of us didn't remember that we'd won that much 44 years ago.''

Then one of the current players asked what Guy Dupius was like as a rookie that season.


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Sat, 03/15/2008 - 2:09pm

i think guy started the year before!