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Tailing the Komets

Weekend report

Other than a few bumps and bruises, coach Pat Bingham reported Sunday that everybody came through the weekend healthy. Now the Komets have five days to practice before Saturday's home opener against Quad City.

“We'll have this week to use some video and show them some clips
of good and bad,'' Bingham said. “We'll do a lot of teaching, and hopefully
we'll be making fewer errors, have more intensity and be ready to go right from
the beginning.''

There may also be a few lineup changes for Saturday depending on
how Bingham feels his players are learning.

Some of the good things the Komets saw this weekend included the
play of goaltender Kevin St. Pierre,
some excellent penalty killing and the willingness and ability to play a
hard-hitting game. No one looked totally lost on the ice.

Some of the weaknesses included poor defensive coverage, a
willingness to take too many lazy penalties and an obvious unfamiliarity with
Bingham's systems. No one looked totally comfortable on the ice, either.

“There's a lot to our systems, and they all tie in and make sense
and require a certain amount of ability from your players,'' Bingham said. “As
soon as they learn and understand what they are supposed to do, we'll be able
to gauge even better where we stand. Nobody has it all down pat. I just think a
week from now everybody will have a better understand of what is expected in
every situation.''

There's plenty of build off individually. Center Bruce Richardson
already had four assists, and defenseman Mario Larocque has three points.
Forward Daniel Goneau has a goal in each game.

But Goneau has also taken five minors, and the power play has one
goal in 12 tries.

“The shifts where all five were on the same page and making the
decisions at the right speed were the exception rather than the rule,'' Bingham
said. “We're a long ways from really getting it with the decision-making,
recognizing the play for what it is and the intensity you have to have to attack

Bingham also said he needs to find out more about his players
such as who else can kill penalties. He stuck with a main core of players and
admits he might have worn them out over the weekend.

“There were a lot of positive things as well,'' he said. “We're
not overwhelmingly more talented or deeper than the teams we played, but we're
not way behind either. There were a lot of solid efforts. Guys stood up for
each other and showed a willingness to learn.''

Now they just have to learn it.

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Tony E
Mon, 10/16/2006 - 8:30am

I think you could make the game FREE and you would not fill the place for a midweek exhibition game.

Mon, 10/16/2006 - 9:11am

You're absolutely right Tony. Anyway, if you're trying to draw new fans to the game, it's not going to happen in October when the weather is nice and there is still baseball and football to be had--try January when everyone has cabin fever.

By the way, I am not a season ticket holder but I did manage to drag my backside to the Wednesday night exhibition game and it never occured to me that I "deserved" to pay less than full price for a ticket. You guys need to get over the exhibition game thing, it's not that big of a deal.

Mon, 10/16/2006 - 9:30am


Mon, 10/16/2006 - 9:34am

you all are missing the point. most of the 1500 in attendance were season ticket holders. i just think that doing something different would be a great way to build some good will with the fans and lay some groundwork for the future. got nothing to do with filling the stands and by the way if you dont start drawing new fans starting with the kick off lunch then you stand a chance to turn people off who wiill never come back. every event has to be used to promote the team and seek new revenue.

Tony E
Mon, 10/16/2006 - 10:04am

Actually...and feel free to tell me I am wrong on this because I have not come down for an exhibition game since 99 but they used to be HORRIBLE hockey. If I had never seen what a real Komets game was like I might never be back after seeing that. I mean, it was bad bad bad. You may not want to introduce fans to Komet hockey with an exhibition game. Has it gotten better in the last few years?

Mon, 10/16/2006 - 10:19am

Horrible is a little harsh, but definitely not the game I would send a new fan to. We just went to see what the new players could do more than for exciting hockey. Which is why it's called an exhibition game I think...

Mon, 10/16/2006 - 10:33am

those all sound like arguments on why do they charge full price for a product they know isnt up to snuff?? aint this stuff fun?? theres always a angle and a view and you can always twist them!!lol

Tony E
Mon, 10/16/2006 - 10:48am

I agree and that is why I used to go when I lived there. But I knew enough to know what I was looking at. If someone that never went to a game before looked at it, they might think twice about coming back.
Chuckitt I see your argument but most sports teams do charge full price. Imagin Leafs season ticket holders having to pay $100+ for an exhibition game! There is nothing stopping people from sitting in the Pepsi zone or the Extra section. It isn't $5 but it isn't $15 either.

Tony E
Mon, 10/16/2006 - 10:49am

I see I can't speel no good twoday.

Mon, 10/16/2006 - 12:41pm

I usually don't go to the Exhibition games beacuse they don't mean anything. I've gone to one the last couple of years becasue it's a way for me to pick up sesaon tickets without having to take a day off of work and I'm not taking stats so it's kind've relaxing in that case as well.

Mon, 10/16/2006 - 1:55pm

Nothing new on Hershey guy. The Bears just got off a long road trip to open the season. They are still carrying nine defensemen and even have a couple of guys who are under NHL contracts who are sitting. There are 26 players on their roster. It will happen when it happens.

Mon, 10/16/2006 - 2:24pm

Thank you for NOT saying "it is what it is."

I hate that.

Mon, 10/16/2006 - 2:29pm

Just announced ...
Lou Pinella is the new Cubs manager. Signed a 3-year deal.

Now, hopefully, the Cubs will spend some $$$ for reliable starting pitching.

Mon, 10/16/2006 - 3:13pm

they always spend bib $$ on reliable pitching, but as soon as they become cubs they either get hurt or they trade them to the dodgers for hurt weak hitting infielders>

Mon, 10/16/2006 - 3:13pm

they always spend big $$ on reliable pitching, but as soon as they become cubs they either get hurt or they trade them to the dodgers for hurt weak hitting infielders>

Mon, 10/16/2006 - 3:25pm

Amen, Chuckitt. That's one reason why I wanted to go with Girardi and grow the pitching through the farm system.

Mon, 10/16/2006 - 3:27pm

It is what it is, also happens to be true. Whatever will be will be. It will happen when it happens.

OMG! I'm starting lapse into Hit Somebody mode. Run for your lives!

Hit Somebody!!!
Mon, 10/16/2006 - 4:54pm

HA HA HA....Funny Boy!!!!

Lou said he would only take a job now if he had guarantees that it would be a situation where it was possible to win now, and not in 4-5 years. I think getting rid of Andy McFail (spelled that way on purpose) was a step in the right direction. That was on of the stumbling blocks the past several years. They raise ticket prices all over the stadium including the bleacher seats, they add seats, and they paid out less salary than the previous 2 years. I for one hope the Cardinals win the WS...so that maybe after the Red Sox, White Sox and then the Cardinals...that will force the Cubs to try and win a championship for a change. We Cub fans can dream I guess.

Mon, 10/16/2006 - 5:45pm

Being a Cubs fan too, I can only hope 2003 wasn't our best chance to celebrate a World Series title in the next 100 years (even an appearance would have been nice!)

Even though the Bartman foul ball is the most memorable part of that NLCS, the Cubs still had a chance the next game and couldn't do it ... just like Boston in 1986. They had the lead in game 7 (the game AFTER Bill Buckner's famous missed grounder) and blew it again.

To me, Leon Durham's game 5 ole play of a similar ground ball in the 1984 NLCS against San Diego was the one that really hurt. The Cubs blew a 2-0 lead in that series, but still could have won it had he stayed down on the ball.

With the way the Tigers have been playing this year, I won't be a bit surprised if they win it all this year. If it comes down to St. Louis and Detroit, I won't be disappointed either way - just so long as the Mets don't win it all.

Mon, 10/16/2006 - 5:47pm

Did you guys hear Steve Stone said the Cubs would be in the World Series within two years? Talk about a funny boy!

Tue, 10/17/2006 - 1:20am

Blake, I would love to see the Cubs win the World Series before I'm old and senile....but I'm not getting any younger!