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Tailing the Komets

Wendy to grill some defenseless subject

Blake Sebring will be Wendy Bartle's guest for this week's edition of "Fans in the Stands" which can be seen during the first intermission of the Komets Game of the Week broadcast. Sebring has been a beat reporter covering the Komets for the Fort Wayne News Sentinel for two decades. He has also authored or co-authored several books, including three pertaining directly to the Komets, and is a board member for the Comcast Komet Hall of Fame. Sebring will discuss his favorite memories and experiences from his many years working with and writing about the Komets, as well as his thoughts on the current state of the IHL and the direction of this year's Komets team. He will also talk about the inspiration behind his latest book (and first novel), The Lake Effect, which is now available for purchase from select retailers. Remember to tune in to Comast channel 55 or Verizon Fios channel 25 on Wednesday, March 24 at 8 PM or Thursday, March 25 at 4 AM or 12 Noon to learn more about Sebring, his many successful writing ventures, and his insights regarding the Fort Wayne Komets.

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Blake Sebring
Tue, 02/23/2010 - 1:41am

No, I did not swear during this interview, but there's a funny story we'll tell about that later.

Tue, 02/23/2010 - 5:32pm

Nobody was buying the swearing part. I can't imagine why. LOL.

Blueline Baby
Tue, 02/23/2010 - 6:06pm

Do you swear that you did not swear, Blake? :)

Dave W
Tue, 02/23/2010 - 6:27pm

Blake you poor soul, I don't think she can do it well period. Good luck .

Wed, 02/24/2010 - 12:05am

There are two things I do well, and reporting is the other one. :D

Actually, the grilling came beforehand. During the interview, it's my job to make Blake look GOOD, because it's not that kind of interview.

Blake Sebring
Wed, 02/24/2010 - 1:48am

Baking cookies?

It might have gone better then if you had let me get a word in edgewise. :) I'm so shy and retiring, you know.

Wed, 02/24/2010 - 9:54am

She does "Cookies" real well!

Wed, 02/24/2010 - 11:19am

Is the broadcast on MARCH 24th and 25th, or February. Also which game was it as we have had so many Wednesday night games lately that I have lost track. If it is tonight, I will miss it because I will be watching Canada-Russia for sure.

Wed, 02/24/2010 - 5:01pm

Oops. Geez Blake, I told you to check it over first! :S It's tonight (and tomorrow). The game was recorded Friday, February 19 -- Komets vs. Port Huron.

Wed, 02/24/2010 - 5:04pm

When it comes to baked goods, I am but the learner. Heather Sosenheimer is the master. [bows respectfully]

Blake Sebring
Wed, 02/24/2010 - 5:12pm

She is the Yoda, but you are still the Obi-Wan.

Wed, 02/24/2010 - 5:28pm

Aw, thanks. Though I'm a little offended you didn't think of MY writing. Do not interfere with the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup. ;)

And Blake, feel free to edit the copy above at any time. Any time now. Anytime. Any time at all. I had March on the brain, apparently. Who can blame me?

Wed, 02/24/2010 - 5:49pm

And before anyone else gives me a hard time for the slip-up, I just got an email from the MC entitled: "THEY'RE BACK! Boy tickets early for Walking with Dinosaurs at Memorial Coliseum!" :D

Wed, 02/24/2010 - 9:37pm

Awww, I am flatered!!! Thank you for the compliments!!! Cookies for everyone.........as soon as "life" calms down. And I stop seeing all these "signs" for Blakes book, first Grey's and now this.....lol