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Tailing the Komets

What Al had to say

Komets coach Al Sims watched tonight's game from the press box. How about the view?

"The game looks so much easier. Everything looks like chess pieces. You see everything developing, adn you are like, `Jeez, how could a guy pass it there?' You are not down getting the speed and feel of the game so it's a little bit of an illusion up there. Things look a lot easier than they really are. Guys don't have as much time as you think they do."

Asked who he was impressed with, Sims said, "I thought T.J. Schneider was the best I've seen him in the three days. I know he's been a little sick the last couple of days. He's a big kid, a big load who took the puck to the net twice and got rewarded for it. Tim Haun had a good game, especially when it was 2-2 and hemade a couple of big saves. I thought Zaore offensvely with the puck was real good. He had some defensive lapses, but with the puck he's a pretty good player."

Sims said the Komets may make some cuts before Friday's game to get down to 24 or 25 players.

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Thu, 10/08/2009 - 6:19am

I saw Sims sitting in the stands for a little bit too I thought during the first period. It was kind of neat to look around and see Guy, Danko, and even Versteeg-Lytwyn (I know I know, I butchered his names) watching the game. I wonder how much he'll miss being here.

I'm surprised Coach Sims didn't have any comments on Woodard. Maybe he didn't want to state the obvious? Maybe Woodard just looked better because he was one of the only ones really busting it out there. I really agree with you, Blake (at least I think you wrote it, it's early) that I didn't see as much hustle as I was expecting and hoping for. Maybe if they make some cuts before Friday that will change. I guess we'll find out.

Blueline Baby
Thu, 10/08/2009 - 5:11pm

RK: you got MVL's name perfect. Great job! Was he hanging with his own team or with the former teammates from the K's? I have such a great shot of him from last season's end of season party...with those cool cat shades on.

Thu, 10/08/2009 - 5:29pm

Blueline: I didn't see him sitting with any players. It looked more like he was hanging out with people who didn't play that were from Fort Wayne. All of our players were in suits and the people he was sitting behind and talking to were in T-shirts, jeans, and a Colts jersey.

Blueline Baby
Fri, 10/09/2009 - 1:50pm

Ah, I was wondering. That would be sorta hard, coming back in to a town where you had made friends! But, that's the game. Moving a lot, and leaving some behind.