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Tailing the Komets

What Al Sims had to say

``Overall I thought Boucher played really sharp for this early in the season. I thought our team killed penalties well, though we haven't covered that yet other than the forecheck. We were using our veteran guys 5-on-3, and they did a really good job. Of the younger guys, I thought Marple and Bluhm had a lot of energy, same with Fletcher, Ward was smart with the puck. I thought all four of them showed pretty well. Fletcher reminds you of Kaleigh Schrock last year, a lot of speed and a great shot. He uses it well. I thought Naurato and Patrosso really created a lot of scoring chances. We didn't finish on a lot of them. So did Mathieu Curadeau. Pawlowski and Cianfrini did OK on the back end.

``I just wanted to make sure everybody got equal ice time because some guys with the penalties and stuff might not have gotten a whole lot of icetime if we didn't mix it up. Marple and Bluhm killed penalties.''

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Sat, 10/09/2010 - 5:51pm

Paws and Guy go in the 1st perod....Solid fight with the W to Paws...Strong jabs and wucked uppercuts...Ihe'll be a fun one to watch