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Tailing the Komets

What Chaulk said

``He was looking the other way, and I just stepped up and tried hit him shoulder-to-shoulder, and the last second he made the move. I'm not trying to knee him, I'm trying to hit him with my shoulder. My stick is on the ice, my two feet are on the ice. We hit leg on leg, and I thought he hit him on the thigh. It was accidental, but unfortunately it put the team down.
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Mr Snufflupugus
Thu, 01/20/2011 - 12:02am

In all seriousness, I doubt very much there was any intent.
Chaulk has never had any kind of reputation for dirty hits (that I know of) and I can't imagine a midweek game in the middle of this season was the first.
High speed game with large bodies going full force. Sometimes a hit just happens which is illegal even if there was obviously no intent.
Hopefully no suspension will follow.

Hit Somebody!!!
Thu, 01/20/2011 - 12:44am

The Komets went harder to the net than anytime this season.

Apod looked dangerous everytime he had the puck.

He is going to continue to improve and will be a force. And he is even taking the body. Fearless.

The officiating was very poor tonight....take away the Chaulk call whether it was correct or not.....the rest of the game was just awfully called. Icing calls missed or nto waved off, several missed offsides or offsides called that were questionable......I saw several faceoffs where Maverick's players should have been tossed out of the circle and the linesman allowed them to stay.

But I will take the good hard effort tonight....JR said they wee soft.....I think they played pretty hard and more physical tonight than I have seen.

I am not upset with tonight's game all and all. The effort was there and they had alot of very make-able goals tonight and alot of posts and crossbars again.

The Lardner tripping call when they scored a goal on the powerplay and that call was tacked on.....poor call.....Lardner shoulder to shoulder on his hit spun the guy around and the ref calls tripping...

The ref was Trippen all night......

Got my PC Buddy-Heads......I might snuggle up with them tonight as I saw logs.....they are dreamy. You guys see the noggin on that thing....wowza.

Thu, 01/20/2011 - 5:26am

Very disappointed with the refs tonight. I thought I was at a kids pee wee game. They were inconsistent to say the least, missing blatant calls and then calling invisible minors against the Komets. I saw several non penalties right in front of me, I can think of one where Tab checked a guy who spun around and fell down and was called for a trip. PC had one called for holding when he was tied up with a guy lifting his hands off of him. This has got to change, the circus was in town a week early with this clown reffing the game.
As far as the effort the Komets made I thought it was one of their best of the season. Petrasso made some great defensive plays in the offensive zone.

No-Touch Icing
Thu, 01/20/2011 - 7:22am

Seeing how the NFL has taken over the number one spot as "the" sport in America, wouldn't other leagues want to model their behavior? For instance, when the officials in the NFL screw up, they issue an apology. Shouldn't that happen here with the CHL officials who screwed up the game last night at the Coliseum? Or is that below them? (or above them..not sure which)

Mike in Toronto
Thu, 01/20/2011 - 7:31am

Tough game, tough call. Colin got caught in a Lemony Snicket. A series of unfortunate events. Sure looked like a knee at full speed. I can understand why the call was made. I waited until I got to work this morning to take a closer look at the play. Two things stand out when I slow it down. First Colin's position did not change. As he stated he had skates and stick on the ice. His knee did not come out, he just glided into the other player in this position. Second the guy cuts right just before impact just as he is getting his head up to see Colin.
My computer won't let me see it as clearly as I would like. But it does appear they made contact above the knee in the thigh/hip area. Good thing for both players. Any lower and Colin's leg would have been broken. Glad to hear the other guy came back.
I am with you Snuff, I hope there is no supplimentary. They are just starting to roll.
I blame myself for this. I was just giving it to you guys how Colin only had 2 PIM. Live and learn. Get 'em on the weekend guys.

Thu, 01/20/2011 - 7:48am

I agreed with the 5 min penalty. The Game Misconduct was ridiculous. There was no intent. The monkey that went down into a death roll was back on the ice 10 mins later.

Thu, 01/20/2011 - 8:14am

The save from Nolan was great but would've meant nothing if Nick didn't make one of his own minutes earlier. Why talk about the other teams goalie when we have our own to salute for keeping us in the game multiple times even though he played half the game having to help on defense because we were either shorthanded or missing defensive assignments. Give some props to our own team instead of crying about everything and anything. Losing Chaulk a minute into the game (which the 5 minute major was probably the right call but the game was overboard, there was no intent) and giving up 2 goals in the opening minutes normally would kill this team. They fought back even thought the refs tried hard to not let them, out hustled
Missouri, especially when we were 5 on 5, and kept there heads in the game to make a game of it. And it's hard to pull the goalie when we cant keep control of the puck when we had to.

Thu, 01/20/2011 - 8:17am

Boucher didn't look especially sharp. He had moments.. but I still fail to understand Sims and his splitting of the games between the two. Reiter's last outing was very good, why not to ride that confidence and let him play a mid-week game and have Nick fresh for the weekend?

Thu, 01/20/2011 - 8:44am

Thank you btm for that insightful comment, you've added so much to the blog this morning.

Thu, 01/20/2011 - 10:17am

I haven't watched a replay of the hit, but it looked like a knee to knee hit to me. I had no problem with the 5 minute major but I'm not at all sure about a game misconduct to go along with it. Obviously it was a game changer. Since Sirota returned ( he assisted on the third goal ), I am hoping no further suspensions will be assessed (especially if they take into consideration Chaulk's reputation).

Blake, or someone who absolutely knows the rule, why didn't the K's have to put somebody in the penalty box? And if they would have, could that player come out after the 5 minutes or would they still have to wait for the next whistle.

During the penalty call and all of the stuff that was going on, I guess I just assumed someone would have to go sit for the five minutes. I may be wrong but even if they had placed a player in the box, wouldn't they have to wait until the first whistle after the penalty time expired to come out?

It was a little confusing and I'd like to learn the rule.

Other than that the K's played hard, hit the post three agonizing times, and just about came all the way back.

I believe that this was the worst officiated game I have seen in a long, long time. The guy made calls ( and non-calls, for that matter ) against both teams that made little sense because there was no consistency in them.

P.S. To the goof sitting in my section who just couldn't believe the kneeing call last night, remember that even the Komets do bad stuff sometimes. If it were Sirota who would have knee'd Chaulk you would have tried to crucify the guy. Just because a Komet got called for the penalty doesn't mean it wasn't the right call.

Thu, 01/20/2011 - 10:19am

behind the mask....what a well thought out comment you made. Wow. Priceless.

Thu, 01/20/2011 - 10:19am

The officiating was very poor. I don't know if these guys were last minute subs or what but indications are the ref was, possibly with no experience in this league. Regardless that's no excuse for the bad calls.

Also the linesmen were very young.

Mike in Toronto
Thu, 01/20/2011 - 10:34am

Alan, I believe the rule is: You don't need to put someone in the box to serve the entire penalty. However at a whistle close to the end of the major you need to put a player in the box. This is the only way the team can come back to full strength when the major has expired. You don't need to wait for the play to stop to return your man as long as he is in the penalty box.

Thu, 01/20/2011 - 10:51am

You are correct Mike in Toronto - Rule 20.3 in the CHL rulebook.

Thu, 01/20/2011 - 12:29pm

The ref wasnt very consistent; but the calls he made on the K's were penalties... You cant wrap your arms around a guy like PC did, or put your stick in a guys midsection to slow them down like Cescon did, or leave your legs out when hitting someone away from the boards like Chaulk and Lardner did... Towards the end, I'm surprised he didnt call a couple diving penalties on the K's. Bottom line is, if the K's play more disciplined last night, they win.

I thought the K's worked hard; but played soft. Was this due to officiating? Maybe, maybe not; but if they dont learn to hit with more regularity come playoff time (if they make it) they wont last long.

I like the new D-man Molle. He seems to pinch in on offense at the right times and keeps the crease clear for the most part in his own end. He did leave 2 guys in front of Boucher on one of those early PP goals; but came out next time really clearing bodies out.

I really like how hard Lardner works. He and Chaulk play a very similar game. Patrosso looked good last night, had a couple of really nice passes, one that set up Musslewhite on his goal.

No-Touch Icing
Thu, 01/20/2011 - 12:45pm

If the officiating is inconsistent, the play of the teams will be too...

Guys won't know where to go or what to do. What is a penalty, what isn't, etc. Yeah, everyone should know the rules, but not all refs officiate the same way. I would "Chaulk" this one up as getting to know the zebra boy. So next time we have this (insert four letter word here) the Ks can be prepared for inconsistent officiating.

Thu, 01/20/2011 - 12:53pm

Thanks to Mike in Toronto and InTheBlue for answering my question.

Thu, 01/20/2011 - 12:55pm

Same in every sport...gotta get used to new or rookie refs... If you cant, then you have a big problem. Same argument that we had the last 3 years in the IHL.... "these guys dont know whats a penalty from one period to the next, etc..." It is what it is. Rookie refs dont start in the NHL or AHL, they start in the CHL or ECHL or another low league that calls NHL rules. Our guys need to learn how to adapt, especially the vets...

Mike in Toronto
Thu, 01/20/2011 - 1:27pm

JR, you are correct. Remember some of these refs are trying to make it to the "show" also. Most of them don't however, just like the players.
I am not saying this is what happened last night but you see it from time to time.
The ref has to make the major call on Colin in the first minute. His adrenalin is pumping also. Somehow the ice becomes tilted in one teams favor or the other.
It is a learning curve for them also. Unfortunately a team can sometimes be on the short end.
And as pointed out, the players have to adjust. Keep quiet and be extra careful.
I don't have an explanation for linesmen missing calls. That is weird.

Thu, 01/20/2011 - 1:33pm

Perhaps both linesman just got themselves caught up in "Lemony Snicket."

Mike in Toronto
Thu, 01/20/2011 - 1:58pm

You got that one did you, Alan?

Andy Sherman
Thu, 01/20/2011 - 2:24pm

Jungle, I don't think you are especially sharp..........on your goalie comments. DId you even watch the goals last nigh against? The ONLY and I mean ONLY chance Boucher had on any of them was the breakaway goal..........now THAT'S saying something about the play infront of him........Did you watch Dupuis STANDING beside a guy receiving a backdoor pass and scoring (4th goal)? Forst was a screen though about 3 players, and tipped infront to boot, second was a terrible giveaway by Drouin right onto a guys stick, crossbar and in, and the third was a rebound off a screen, NOBODY taking the open guy on the rebound......I've noticed all season how soft we are infront on our own net missing assignments. That's why we are losing.....

Andy Sherman
Thu, 01/20/2011 - 2:25pm

and I meant to say "aren't especially sharp" LOL

No-Touch Icing
Thu, 01/20/2011 - 3:02pm

There are pee-wee officials that can ref better than what was displayed last night...

Thu, 01/20/2011 - 3:19pm

I didn't say Nick looked terrible. I said he wasn't especially sharp. Meaning average. Not spectacular. I just think that Reiter had the hot hand coming into the night and if Sims played him it kept Nick fresh for the weekend. I'm not dogging on Boucher.

It's always the defenses fault when we lose. They are the 5th best defense in the league when it comes to giving up goals. You can only play short-handed for so long...

Like I said, I'm not blaming Nick... I just question why Reiter hasn't been utilized more in these types of situations.

Thu, 01/20/2011 - 3:28pm

The K's have been taking dumb, lazy penalties all year and you want to pin that all on the ref last night? No way! All the penalties he called last night were penalties, I didnt see the Rodger high stick or the Dupuis slash; but the rest were penalties. They call them that way in the NHL, AHL, ECHL and they are going to call them here.

Thu, 01/20/2011 - 4:16pm

I got it, Mike in Toronto. I didn't mean any offense. It is a perfectly illustrative way to describe unfortunate events.

In fact, I think I'm going to save it to use on my friends when they get themselves into trouble on the golf course with a couple of errant shots. " It looks as if you've succeeded in getting yourself into a lemony snicket."

I also knew exactly what you meant by your December post, "Merry Christmas, Fort Wayne".

No-Touch Icing
Thu, 01/20/2011 - 4:34pm

JR1 - I'm ASS-U-ming that you are talking to me. The "last night refs" are degenerates. I don't care how you spin it. Pretty sure the rest of the year isn't the "last night refs" fault. Even though some calls were questionable, they didn't lose the game for us, but those penalties didn't help either. I will agree that taking dumb penalties is never a good thing. I understand what you're saying.

What you're saying kinda goes along with what I was referring to, and that is when calls like that are made it affects play. If refs are going to call a penalty that isn't a penalty then the players have to know this and vice versa in order to know how to play out the game.

Thu, 01/20/2011 - 5:06pm

JM: That monkey played in the all-star game a week ago.

Thu, 01/20/2011 - 5:17pm

And? Your point?