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Tailing the Komets

What a disgrace

No, I'm not talking about the Komets' play, but I'll have more to say on that in Monday's paper.

I'm talking about what happened when Flint's Fabian Laniel was injured during a fight with the Komets' Guy Dupuis. Laniel had to lay on the ice until the trainer came out to him -- the Komets' trainer! It turns out that Flint doesn't have a trainer. That's incredibly bush league and I can't believe the UHL lets the Generals get away with that. If I was a player and I got seriously hurt in a game, I'd bet I could win a lawsuit in a second. I'd take on the team and the league and I'd have to hire bodyguards to keep potential lawyers away. What a joke! How can the league let this happen? Fine the crap out of the Generals until they comply. If you have to, make them forfeit a game. It's that serious because this is a safety issue for the players.

Every time there's even a hint of bringing a union to the UHL, the owners and President Richard Brosal point out how they take care of their players well enough that they don't need a union. The league does do a good job in that area. But how can the league let this situation continue? It's a total disgrace. What does this tell the players?

There ought to be certain standards of conduct for each team in area's such as this. If the Generals are too broke to pay for a trainer, then get out of the league, you don't deserve to be in it. This league has worked way too hard to improve its image and reputation for garbage like this to still be happening.

It's embarrassing that this kind of thing can still happen in minor league hockey. How "professional'' is that?

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Sun, 11/27/2005 - 3:35am

I agree that is just insane. It is definatly a high-risk thing to do. I think the league should not allow them to play without one. This being said, I also think the Komets should be fined for every home game they don't broadcast on B2 Networks. The board of govenors and the league agreed to use them, and the Komets refuse. In every organization (sports and non-sports) you will have those individuals that think they are above the rules. Unfortunatly, the UHL doesn't seem to have much of a back-bone in dealing with these individuals. Do you think the NHL would tolerate either of these situations? Ummmmm no!

Sun, 11/27/2005 - 1:03pm


Flint is bush league, thats the owners fault, he has become so cheap, that the fans on the boards are always complaining. They have no radio, home or road, they dont have a PR guy, actually Mr. Brosal stepped in and made them get one. They dont market the team in Flint from what I hear. Everyone thinks the frankes are bad, this guy is worse, he just doesnt care about the Flint Generals anymore, and thats a bigger disgrace.

Mon, 11/28/2005 - 10:20am

I was wondering why Flint's trainer wasn't on the ice when Laniel was injured! And then they waved to the Komets' trainer to help Laniel, and I'm thinking, "What the heck?! What do they need our guy for?" I agree, Blake. I can't believe the UHL allows Flint to get away with that!

On a sidenote, is Laniel okay? I couldn't believe he needed to be carried off the ice, especially from such a little skiffle with ol' Dupuis. What did Laniel injure? It looked like his knee to me.