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Tailing the Komets

What do you think about this?

I was talking with my boss the other day (no, I wasn't getting reprimanded). He's a big-time hockey fan who gets the NHL pay per view package and watches games every night. His observation about the new rules was that it definitely hurts the star players such as Steve Yzerman, Mario Lemieux and other older players because the game has become strictly about speed.

His main contention is that every team is forced to play the same style and that there's no variety any more.

Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock said this on Philly.com in relation to Lemieux's decision not to play in the Olympics: "You are finding, in general, with a lot of older players, especially guys who didn't play the year before, this season is a real grind. The intensity of the competition is a real grind for the older players."

That could be one reason why there are so many more pulled groin injuries this year. Players have no option other than to skate constantly.

One of my points is that there are no other professional leagues that have as many players age 35 and older. In all the other leagues those players are pushed out by younger, quicker players. To me that says everything about the old style of hockey, but the boss believes that hurts the game because so many of those players are recognizable stars.

I like the current style of play much better than what we saw in the last few years with everyone playing the neutral zone trap. I'd always like to see more hitting and aggressive play, but at least now that has a chance to happen. It sure didn't last year. Snooze city. I'll bet the Atlanta-Detroit game last night was a blast to watch. The Thrashers led 6-2 before the Red Wings tied it. Atlanta eventually won 7-6.

What do you think?

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Wed, 12/14/2005 - 1:37pm


I to have the NHL package on Directv, and I love the new NHL, the skating and all the skill is awesome. I agree that this game is more geared to the young stars like Marian Hossa, Dany Heatley, and them guys. I love the new NHL. The only real hockey I loved watching was the playoff the last few years, those were always awesome, I didnt care if they ended up being 1-0 games, those games were fun to watch because the atmosphere was electric.

Wed, 12/14/2005 - 1:43pm

The NHL needs to do a better job of marketing their star players. The local outlets promote their face of their organizations but without a "real" TV deal its hard to do that on a national level. In the NHL glory days most of the great players were American or Canadian. It was a little easier to sell that to the American public than European players. For me, the OLN is brutal. Games 2 nights a week stinks. Virtually seeing the same teams all the time isn't all that appealing either but I like watching the game so I deal with it.

Speed, skill, creativity, and physical, wide open play will always have more appeal with me. I do not mind that Steve Yzerman and Mario Lemieux are playing more reduced roles and giving way to the younger players but lets face it, they are 35 years old. Glory days are long gone. Its supposed to be the fastest game on earth.
Being that this years rookie class is a 2 year crop of players, we'll be looking at it 10 years from now the same way we looked at the Yzerman, Lemieux, and Gretzky days of old.

Thu, 12/15/2005 - 10:55am

Okay scoops, first of all Yzerman and Lemieux are 40 years old not 35. Don't count out OLN just yet. Yes it's not great but they are dealing with this situation for the first time. It will probably take a good season for things to iron out. I'm interested in seeing how the NBC coverage is this year.
I like the new NHL this year. I do wish there was more hitting, but I think once players get use to not clutching and grabbing. There are some boring games yet but goaltenders are still pretty good in the NHL.

Tony E
Thu, 12/15/2005 - 3:10pm

I am lucky enough to live where I can get the CBC out of Windsor (and being a Leafs fan that is awesome). From a broadcasting standpoint OLN has a lot to learn. CBC and their presentation of Hockey Night In Canada is probably the best of any network and any sport. The broadcasters, camera angles, graphics etc are near perfect and the 7 hours I watch every Saturday night (of course with the sound off so I can listen to Bob on the internet) are the best 7 hours of TV I watch each week.
As to the rules I like them all except for the goalie restrictions as far as where they can play the puck. As an ex goalie myself I think I can speak to the fact that a team should not be penalized because they have a goalie who can skate and play the puck. It would be like saying that Muskegon could only play with 4 skaters against the Komets because the fact they can skate around us blindfolded gives them an unfair advantage. The NHL said it was an unfair advantage that goalies like Brodeur could skate out and clear the puck before the offence could get in the zone. So what? Either skate the puck in or get skaters fast enough to beat him to the puck.
Off my soapbok ;-)