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Tailing the Komets

What happens...

...in the last minute of a game when you're down by a goal? You can read what the Komets like to do here.

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Tue, 02/03/2009 - 4:43pm

Interesting article, Blake. I'm working on learning more about the mechanics of the game, so that certainly helps. It also brings to mind a couple of questions I have. People usually don't answer when I ask about things, and I'm not sure if that's because they don't know, because I'm a woman, or just because there is a natural tendency to roll one's eyes at people who ask a lot of questions... but I'm sure you can help. :)

First of all, has pulling the goalie at the end of games has always been a part of hockey or was it a stategy that someone invented at some point? Like a "Well, there's no rule that says we can't do it" type of scenerio. I don't remember seeing the goalie get pulled at the games I attended as a child, but that may just be because I was paying more attention to my Cracker Jacks.

And secondly, what are the reasons that a player can be ejected from a face off? How do you mean they "try to cheat"?

Blake Sebring
Tue, 02/03/2009 - 5:00pm

Oh, sure, start with the guilt trip and THEN ask the questions. Fine, be that way.

1. Ken Ullyot says it's been part of the game since he played, and he's 87. He thinks Lester Patrick originally tried it. I'm shocked that Ken didn't take credit for it because Lester is dead and who could argue with Ken that he was wrong?

2. Faceoffs are all about leverage, so players try to slide their their skates past the lines that are set up to get more. It's also about trying to lift their sticks quickly or putting them down second. Visiting team is supposed to put its sticks down on the ice first, and then home team, giving the advantage to the home team. I think 90 percent of it is making sure your opponent doesn't get into his comfort zone.

Hope that helps. If not, pile on more guilt.

Thu, 02/05/2009 - 12:25am

No guilt trip intended for you, Blake! You're one of the good guys. :)

Thanks so much for the information. I'm sure that there are others who have wondered about the same things (at least the second one) but were afraid to ask. I knew the bit about the visitor putting their stick down first, but I wasn't sure what the rules were beyond that. I've certainly seen enough players thrown out of face-offs, but the only explanation I've ever heard is, "So-and-so must have been a bit overly eager", and that really doesn't help.

He-he. Yeah, I suppose that is an advantage of outliving your peers. :D