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Tailing the Komets

What the IR changes mean in English

Because they certainly had me confused:

The International Hockey League changed its rules on Wednesday to alter the way players are placed on injured reserve. Previously, a team could only place an unlimited number players on a 30-day injured reserve list, but now they have the option of using a 45-day and a 60-day list. Players on the 30-day roster still count toward the 21-man active roster. Players on the 45- and 60-day lists do not.

Last year teams could place up one player each on 7-, 10-, 14- and 21-day lists along with a non-roster spot that meant a player would be out of action for at least 45 days. Last year the roster limit was 19 players.

Hopefully that makes things a little easier to understand. I know I was unclear about th

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