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Tailing the Komets

What's it going to look like?

As expected, Roanoke is dead, Richmond is moving to Chicago and Motor City is looking for new digs. How do you feel about Lansing? That's probably a long shot. They have to know by next week when the schedule info goes to the schedule maker. Let's face it, if the UHL loses Richmond and Roanoke and if MC is able to move somewhere, the UHL is much better off than last year, even if MC isn't able to relocate because travel costs should be cut considerably.

I know some fans will whine about how the UHL is falling apart. Baloney and pull your heads out of the... sand (I so wanted to say something else). Attrition in this case is a good thing. Look around at the other minor leagues and the UHL has been the most stable by far over the past three seasons. Accept it, deal with it. It's part of doing business in the minor leagues so shut up.

It's obvious not that many fans actually cared about these teams or they'd still be there. This is what I mean when I say the season-ticket base is not enough. You have to appeal to the broader audience to actually make money. That's true even with the Komets who have 3,000-plus season tickets. Die-hards aren't enough to to make it work.

If the UHL plays with 12-13 teams next year, depending on Missouri and Adirondack negotiations, that will be 12-13 teams have a tremendous chances to be very strong economically because travel costs are going to be cut dramatically. No longer is Missouri out on an island. No longer will teams have to play in Muskegon one night and in Missouri the next. Instead they'll be stopping by Bloomington on the way, or in Hoffman Estates on the way to Rockford or Quad City. Those are going to be a tremendous savings.

If Adirondack isn't able to get a new deal with its building, then Danbury and Elmira are probably in deep trouble. If not now, then they will be by this time next year simply because of gas prices. Gee, can we blame the UHL for that, too? D--- that Brosal, he needs to buy an oil company so he can stop this! No, what the league needs to do is find a gas company to be the official sponsor.

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Thu, 05/18/2006 - 11:38am

But why does it make sense? What's the overwhelming need to move the office?

In this technical age, communication is effortless. You could have the office in Phoenix and it wouldn't matter. Plus, then you wouldn't have the expenses of paying the office staff to move or hiring a new office staff. Everything is done by conference call today. No one has to "report'' to the office, so location really doesn't matter that much.

The league offices were also in St. Charles before there was a team there, I believe and no on griped then.

It really doesn't matter if it stays in St. Charles. It makes no difference. You'd just be adding further expenses the teams would have to pay.

Komets President Michael Franke is on the board of governors and he only goes two or three times a year. Players never go to the league offices. Coaches never go to the league office.

Thu, 05/18/2006 - 11:55am

I guess the question to ask is how the offices ended up in St. Charles. Have they been there since the inception of the league or have they been moved at some point?

Thu, 05/18/2006 - 11:55am

Former Komet Robbie Laird is a scout for the Kings, but he lives in Fort Wayne. Why should he have to move? Does it in any way hamper his job? Do you think UHL officials go to less games because they are in St. Charles? I can tell you for a fact that they do not. They are almost always out of the office and driving somewhere in the afternoon.

Thu, 05/18/2006 - 12:19pm

Boy, make a simple comment that actually was to spark discussion on Motor City Suspending operations and I end up with why move offices.
Let's deal with my original comment. What of Motor City Suspending operations?

Thu, 05/18/2006 - 12:31pm

They are going to go dark for a year, and try to sell it. No one knows how that will go, nor could they at this point. Greg, does that answer your question, or am I missing the point?

Thu, 05/18/2006 - 12:50pm

Nope, that's what I wanted to know. I saw the article for the Macomb Times then heard the rumors about moving to St. Charles.
IN my humble opinion, I thinks it's funny to have a central office not located centrally. I; however, don't own or run the league. Just trying to ask simple questions.

Thu, 05/18/2006 - 1:33pm

10 years ago I would have agreed with you completely, but with today's technology and travel I just don't think it's worth the cost to uproot all those families and make them move, let along trying to pay for it.

Fri, 05/19/2006 - 6:16pm

if i were involved in the UHL i would form a plan to entice teams that are in the forthcoming regional area of the UHL.

Tony E
Fri, 05/19/2006 - 7:23pm

Let me ask this folks. My better half and I were talking about in fantasy land buying a hockey franchise or starting one from scratch. What cities in the USA that do not have hockey teams (Jr A or minor league) now do you think could support one? I will be honest, I couldn't come up with many.