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Opening Arguments

When you gotta go . . .

Not in line for co-worker of the year:

A Clark Circuit Court employee contacted a building supervisor after she showed up for work several times to find her chair wet. She was shocked to learn it may have been caused by a maintenance worker who was allegedly urinating in the chair. He was arrested after police reviewed footage from a hidden camera appearing to catch him in the act.

The restrooms in the Clark County government building are clearly marked, but Stephen Thompson allegedly wasn't interested in finding a restroom to relieve himself.

[. . .]

"As I understand it, he felt that he'd been slighted by somebody on the Clark Circuit Court staff."

Somebody really p---ed him off, in other words. It's the kind of incident that makes you really nice to your fellow office inhabitants for a few days.


Bob G.
Fri, 07/24/2009 - 11:10am

You might want to refer to this story the NEXT time you fly (wonder who sat on this cushion before me?)

And THAT is why I refrain from commercial flying, unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.
(The HAZMAT suit makes the flight a tad uncomfortable, though)