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Opening Arguments

Where are Moe and Curly?

The ups and downs of Larry Craig: I'm going to quit the Senate. No I'm not. Yes I am. I'm going to try to change my guilty plea. No I'm not. Yes I am. 

Craig's attorneys wrote that "faced with the pressure of an aggressive interrogation and the consequences of public embarrassment, Senator Craig panicked and chose to plead to a crime he did not commit."

Craig's affidavit said he decided on the day of his arrest to plead guilty to whatever charge was eventually filed against him.

The timing could become important because more than a month and a half passed between Craig's June 11 arrest and Aug. 1, when he signed a guilty plea to a disorderly conduct charge.

Craig's actions, his attorneys argued, were influenced in part by police Sgt. Dave Karsnia, who arrested and interrogated the senator. Karsnia told the senator he could resolve the case by paying a fine, and added: "I don't call media."

If Craig's goal was to keep the story from going public, why does he seem to be doing everything he can to make sure it stays public as embarrassingly as possible as long as possible?


Bob G.
Tue, 09/11/2007 - 10:40am

Sorry, Leo...even the STOOGES would find this way too non-sensical to lampoon at any level.

And that goes for Shemp, as well...!