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Opening Arguments

Who gets Fluffy?

The government rushes in to solve another critical problem:

Wisconsin legislators have introduced a bill that outlines how divorcing couples and the courts should handle custody battles over pets.

The bill would let couples specify, among other things, visitation rights and the right to move the animal out of state. If the feuding couple can't agree on what to do with the pet, the solution is simple: A judge can either pick a spouse -- or ship it off to a local humane society or shelter.

Whoever gets there first owns the dog, cat or even goldfish. If they wait too long, someone else could adopt their beloved animal or, depending on the shelter's policies, it could be euthanized.

Visitation rights. For pets. I know some of us treat our dogs and cats as members of the family, but, come on.

Seattle, meanwhile, gives Wisconsin a run for its money in the nanny-state sweepstakes:

All single-family homes in Seattle must sign up for table-scrap recycling in 2009, the City Council decided Monday.

While residents will have to pay for the service, the city will not check whether they are actually dumping food in the new separate bin.

Reducing food trash was a piece of a larger plan the council unanimously approved Monday to reduce the amount of garbage sent to the landfill.

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