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Tailing the Komets

Why the Komets aren't interested in Don Parsons

This is from Al Sims: "I think a lot of things come into play. Don Parsons makes about $1,200 a week, and it's tough to just pick up a guy like that when you are at the salary cap max, and you have to get rid of a Chaulk, a Shafranov or a Drouin to bring him in. I think Kuster was $800 a week, and Bouchard is going to be $1,500 a week. They are really not options for us at this point. I don't think we need a top scorer. If Curadeau comes back and Chaulk obviously is a big thing. I think Curadeau is about a goal a game and Chaulk is two points a game. Maybe three goals tonight from a couple of guys.

Hopefully health will help us through here.

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Thu, 01/08/2009 - 7:07pm

I didn't realize it was okay to release the numbers players make. Whenever I read an article about a signing, it says something about "per league policy, details of the contract are not disclosed".