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Tailing the Komets

Wings up 1-0

Can you believe, someone had the gall to call me and brag about it when the Blackhawks were up 1-0?!?!? Is that the kiss of death, or what? That person shall remain namelss, but they need to do a walk of shame on Monday.

Not a good day for Toews and Kane, and if they don't do it, Chicago is in big trouble. I just can't see the Blackhawks' defense holding up in this series. They looked really, really tentative today.

The Blackhawks kind of remind me of the Red Wings of about 1986-87 when they were just on the cusp of becoming great and just needed a little more seasoning and another D-man or two. Red Wings better get them now because Chicago is going to be a force for a long time.

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Sun, 05/17/2009 - 4:59pm

It was such a fun first 10 minutes--drat.

Congratulations on your 1st place AP award Blake; it's much deserved, you're just getting better every year. And the Legends book is excellent!

Sun, 05/17/2009 - 5:01pm

When is the next Komet player signing?

Sun, 05/17/2009 - 5:01pm

Let's say if it were expansion, do you remember how many people you could protect on the roster?

Blake Sebring
Sun, 05/17/2009 - 6:01pm

Let's just say it's way too early for that part of the equation, Burgee.

Thanks a lot, Sparky, but this is the absolute first I've heard about it. I'm guessing I'll hear more at work tomorrow.

Thanks, Hit, that could be a lot of fun. Do you know something that I don't? Also? LOL. Glenn and Ross really do a great job. They are a ton of fun to work with on those and make it easy.

Sun, 05/17/2009 - 11:38pm

Not so fast. If I've learned anything from these playoffs, it's not to gloat after winning one or two games! It will come back to bite you every time. As for the person who called you, that's even worse. You'd think they'd know better since Chicago was part that series in which the team that scored first kept losing.

But yeah, I agree completely with your assessment of the Blackhawks. They will be a force unless their management is completely incompetent.

And what's this? You won an AP award? That's wonderful! Congratulations. I hope it isn't FRA-GEE-LAY. lol.

Mon, 05/18/2009 - 12:05am

the hawks just didnt look as sharp as they have throughout the playoffs. osgood made some great saves. i dont know if the hawks were a little off or if the wings are just that great that made them look off. i did notice that the wings were firing for the upper corners effectively. ive never noticed how much khabibulen (SP?) drops to his knees so much, the wings must have done an excellent job of scouting. maybe we will see Huet next game?

Mon, 05/18/2009 - 5:19am

Red wings sweep, sutout hawks at least once in chicago.

Mon, 05/18/2009 - 5:35am

Burgee means "shut-out"! Sorry Burgee. I hate to see that happen after all I am a Chicago fan. I said earlier that there is just to much experience on the Red Wings.

Blake Sebring
Mon, 05/18/2009 - 6:19am

I'm not gloating at all. I'm sticking with prediction of six games. I'm just pointing out some things I see. It seems like the Blackhawks management has finally figured it out, after 20 years of absolute garbage. But then again, it's one year. I hope for their fans' sake they have it straightened out finally.

The Boys Mom
Mon, 05/18/2009 - 12:24pm

I am now crawling back into my hole. But I will say, my Komets flag is still waving outside that hole! lol I will never grab the bull by the horns again. lol, I will just stick to raising 3 awesome boys and teaching them to be great Komets fans! Funny thing is I really hadn't walked up to that line in awhile, you know that one you don't cross with a true fan!lol I remember that night, We where at the top of the "Madhouse" at the boys first NHL game and of course it was the Blackhawks vs the Redwings. Of course, I sat next too 3 rowdy Blackhawks fans. And one thing I have learned from spending time in Chicago, they have some amazing fans! And those Blackhawks, have some amazing hearts, they are at the Children's Hospital every month and then some. So partly into the 3rd period, the gentlemen sitting next too me leaned over and said in a stern voice "So who are you for?" They had notice the Redwings Jerseys and shirts sitting next too me. lol I said "Whatever gets me out alive!" he chuckled and the I said "But, I am a huge Komets fan!" He chuckled again and said since I had a great smile and he liked the Komets, I was excused. I will never tip toe up to that NHL line again, on purpose. lol I will go back to raising Komets fans!!!!!

The Boys Mom
Mon, 05/18/2009 - 12:29pm

Boy, That was long and I forgot Crongrats Blake on the award!!!!!

Mon, 05/18/2009 - 12:51pm

Blake, you really think Chicago fans care if their teams lose? Ever heard of the Cubs, Bears, or White Sox? Do they still sell merchandise and fill the seats? Absolutely. It must be all the "extras" everyone said people go to the games for when we were talking about the Tin Caps. That does prove the point that people don't go to games for the sport, at least not in Chicago. And yes, I'll admit I am a Chicago fan. My team is GARBAGE this year, but I'll still root for them. Can't explain why, but you just can't dump your team, no matter how bad they are. Just so you know, I hate the Cubs and love the COLTS. Yes, I'm a White Sox fan :(

Mon, 05/18/2009 - 2:06pm

I was teasing about the "gloating". I'm just saying that there was a time I would have felt a bit relieved -- like "Alright! Here we go!" after taking the first game. Not anymore.

Mon, 05/18/2009 - 3:35pm

Is anyone else fired up about these positive announcements? Any word on when this week??

Blake Sebring
Mon, 05/18/2009 - 4:27pm

Now it looks like the announcements may get pushed back a week.

Never would have guessed you were a White Sox fan from that attitude, RK. LOL. You just be a glutton for punishment. IU football fan, too?

Hit Somebody!!!
Mon, 05/18/2009 - 5:30pm

Ok....it will be Quad City and Dayton joining the IHL.....right?

Port Huron signed a lease agreement with McMorran Arena for 1 year with an option for the same agreement for year #2.

Evansville will also be in the conversation for the year after next as they are building an arena that seat 10,500.

Wonder if these might be close to the announcements?

Mon, 05/18/2009 - 6:00pm

He gets paid by the web hit! He is going to tease us all summer so we keep checking back and back and back......

Mon, 05/18/2009 - 6:33pm

I HATE IU Blake! You sure do know how to shoot down a lot of your reader's teams though. Now you're even taking on the Indiana fans?? Ouch! As a lifetime Boilermaker, I'm a seasoned veteran in fighting that battle. I'll be intrigued to see how you take on the Indiana crew once they get going on this one if they speak up. And this is a basketball state, so I hate IU basketball... Didn't know they had a football team. YES I know Purdue's football team is terrible. Again, I'm a basketball guy. Football season to me is Colts and nothing else.
Oh, and why isn't anyone talking about the Pittsburgh series?? Penguins up 2-0 currently. Hope they can keep it up!

Blake Sebring
Mon, 05/18/2009 - 8:07pm

I get paid by the web hit, LOL. Man, that's funniest thing you've ever posted, Burgee.

The Boys Mom
Mon, 05/18/2009 - 9:05pm

Man, I just signed on to the blog 500 times for nothing. ugh. I thought Blake would get a raise. lol
I withdraw my earlier statement just to say this, if we are talking College now, I am walking straight up to that line yelling, OSU!!! Buckeyes all the way!

Mon, 05/18/2009 - 11:24pm

I was glad to see Pittsburgh win tonight, but maybe no one is talking about it because (as I read elsewhere) this might very well have been the most irrelevent game 1 in history. If Pittsburgh does win the series, and I think they will, they better hope they go all the way. Otherwise they'll be the seen as the Buffalo Bills of hockey.

Tue, 05/19/2009 - 5:20am

Embed this and you will be taking all of us out for steak, <META HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT="5"

Tue, 05/19/2009 - 6:13am

I've always wondered why OSU fans can't spell out the entire name of the university? Is that the quality of education there? After what I assume to be hours and hours of practice, they all seem to have the O-H-I-O part of it down, but then they seem to tail off. Is "State" that hard to spell or is everyone big fans of Ohio University (which I've heard is a very good school)? I'm sure people will jump all over me here, but this is a genuine question!

The Boys Mom
Tue, 05/19/2009 - 7:12am

Same way you spelled IU, Indiana too hard for you to spell out?
I could spell out OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY all day. And you are right we have alot of awesome schools in Ohio.
Since we are asking questions about our schools.
Boiler Up, just what does it mean? I have asked many times and no one comes up with anything. Seems like nothing much after you actually get Up.

The Boys Mom
Tue, 05/19/2009 - 7:14am

I was also told, Blake makes bonus money after the comments pass 24 per topic. lol

The Boys Mom
Tue, 05/19/2009 - 7:19am

After all that, I forgot to leave this for RunningKomet,
How's that for spelling!

Tue, 05/19/2009 - 7:59am

They really let Buckeyes write on this blog? More people from Ohio suckling on the greatness of Indiana. It's bad enough I get stuck behind all of the slow drivers that unfortunately wander ofer the state line, but now this. TBM, since you're from Ohio, I understand you cannot read, but if you were to scroll up, I am not a Hoosier Fan. "Boiler Up" refers to heating up the boilers of the old steam engines. Purdue got its mascot because back in the day the university was accused of bringing in boilermakers from the yard to play on the football team and the university kept the name as the mascot.
Maybe Ohio State could say something like "SPROUT UP" or "BRANCH OFF" instead of not being able to spell out its school name. Since everyone is about spelling out O-H-I-O anyhow, why don't you just steal their mascot too? Bobcats are much more frightening than a buckeye. Ooooooh, scary nuts! Watch out, their shells are really tough! Come on now, seriously. And just to save you from writing your next post, here you go: "Well what's a Hoosier, anyhow? What's teh point of that?" Ask the Indiana fans.

Tue, 05/19/2009 - 8:58am

Ok, the first time this did not post, so in the interest of education, I'll type it again. TBM, since you're from Ohio, I understand you cannot read, but if you were to scroll up you'd have read that I am not an Indiana fan, so for clarification on the IU cheer, you'll need to consult some of the Hoosier fans.
"Boiler Up" refers to heating up the boilers on the old steam engines. It's kind of like saying "Get fired up!" It'd be kind of like OSU fans saying "Sprout Up" or "Branch Off!" for your little nut.
Back in the day Purdue was accused of bringing in boilermakers from the train yards and factories to play on the football teams. As time went on and the accusations (which were probably true) continued, the university just adopted the boilermakers as its mascot.
Speaking of mascots, since Ohio State fans can't manage to spell out their school name, and have to steal O-H-I-O from OU, why don't they just steal the bobcat too? At least you'd have a respectable mascot. Something fierce that can fight as opposed to a stupid nut. Ooooooooooh, watch out for us, we have really tough shells!! Our mascot might fall off of a tree and drop on your head causing discomfort! I'd better stop, there may be some young readers who are so afraid of the scary buckeye that they cannot sleep tonight.
Dang, we are really raking in some money for Blake with all these hits!

Tue, 05/19/2009 - 9:13am

And double bonus for 48

Tue, 05/19/2009 - 10:01am

A "Buckeye" is a worthless nut -- A "Boilermaker" is a really bad drink. Everyone knows what a quality person a "Hoosier" is. Is it just like the IHL to draw out important news to "Fans". HitSomebody may have it nailed. Don't forget Peoria could be looking for a League in which to put a team. Chicago still hasn't worked out a place to play. Could they locate in Peoria? Just food for your hockey withdraw brains to think about and hits to help poor Blake get more money!