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Opening Arguments

Wink and a nod

Good time for 40 winks:

Indiana State University Provost C. Jack Maynard nodded off for 15 minutes of a 20-minute presentation Friday that preceded the ISU Board of Trustees meeting.

Presentations about matters of importance to ISU routinely precede the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees.

The purpose of Friday's information seminar was to allow the ISU Council on Diversity to share the findings from its year-long examination of diversity on the ISU campus.

Throughout the presentation, Maynard slumped forward in his chair, leaned his head on his hand with his eyes closed and looked up only for a few seconds at a time throughout the 20 minutes.

"I was thinking about something from a previous meeting," Maynard said. "I was reflecting on that. That is why my eyes were closed."

I use to fall asleep in church, too. What was the preacher going to say that I hadn't heard a hundred times? "Thinking about something from a previous meeting" is a good one; I'll have to try it at work. Sounds much better than "I was just resting my eyes."