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Opening Arguments

Worst country gets best food

Finally the sign so many have been waiting for -- the first small element of civilization in one of the world's most oppressed nations: 

North Korea's first pizzeria has opened in the capital Pyongyang, according to a Japan-based newspaper.

Chefs were sent to Italy for training by leader Kim Jong-il, who said North Koreans should be able to try the world's best foods, said Choson Sinbo.

If you're going to try the world's best foods, you might as well start with pizza, the world's best food. It's a magic food -- even stuff we normally hate, like green olives, tastes good on pizza. And it's hard to be mad at people when your stuffing a slice into your mouth.

Yes, I know people are starting in Korea, which means some people would consider this post to be in bad taste. Thanks for bringing it up.

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