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Opening Arguments

Like wow

How would you like to be seated in a restaurant booth and have an SUV come crashing in on you? Greenfield police have released the video of a high-speed chase that ended with such a crash. "Me and the cook, we look at each other and run out and they're like 'Down, down.' " I'm like OK, you were scared, huh?


Bob G.
Wed, 09/24/2008 - 9:20am

Reminds me of the Southgate BK about 9-10 years ago when my wife and I were atemptting to enjoy lunch, when some thug wanted to have a altercation with the staff. starting with a bitch-fit to the manager (who tried her best to calm the situation down, but regretfully failed).
Before we knew it, one of the cooks (big, strapping lad) came from behind the counter and they got into it big time.
And we're talking serious pummeling here, with a chair being tossed now and again.
My wife and I finshed our lunch ASAP, and being as how we had nothing with which to halt the melee (like a nice gun on the hip), decided in our best interest to leave.
The perp dashed out, got into a car and beat feet outta there. We did see the police come, and we've never had anything happen while we were there since.

It was THEN, that I got a good feeling of what this area was all about.
Been on alert ever since.
And I ALWAYS sit with my BACK to the wall!


(in his very own CZ)