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Tailing the Komets

Ks unlikely trade partners


Mon, 02/06/2012 - 12:43pm

Oh yippee!!!  More of the same. 

It was my understanding that the Komets  always positioned themselves with "wiggle room" and never put themselves, salary cap wise, into the position where they couldn't afford to make a move if it improved the team.  Now we read that "it doesn't make sense"?

David Franke watched those dreadful January games.  His mind should have been made up then that this team needed more help.  One forward and one defenseman should be able to do it.  There are plenty of players he could trade or just plain release.  I am not surprised, though.  The Franke's have been very hesitant to make trades at the deadline.  I was afraid that these two wins in a row may have lessened their motivation.

I hope he is just blowing smoke about about not bringing anyone in.  It is evident that this team needs a shot in the arm, and I'm not sure this roster has the makeup to go all the way, or even win the division.  Way too inconsistent. 

I'm not sure what this team has in mind for Leo Thomas.  He hasn't done much of anything.  I have no question about his talent.  I have lots of questions about his desire.  Without knowing what the facts are about his "personal problems", or his need to go to Toronto, either activate him,  release him, or trade him. 

One last thing.  If you think bringing in a college kid is going to solve many problems, then it proves the fact that this team needs lots of help.  The last college player brought in who really contributed was Jamie Milam.

I hope that either today, or the 13th, I can look back and credit the K's for improving themselves.