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Tailing the Komets

Report card night

Is Friday night so please leave yourselves a little extra time to get to the game. Ticket sales are already past 7,000 and going fast.

From a Komets' release: Comcast Komet Report Card Night has become one of the most successful, emulated and recognized literacy programs in all of North American Minor League sports.

All area students who receive at least one “A” on their report card are rewarded with a FREE ticket to the Komet game on Friday, February 10th, courtesy of Comcast.  Students need only present a copy of their report card with an “A” or an “A Equivalent” or a letter from their teacher or school administrator indicating an acceptable level of academic success at the Memorial Coliseum Ticket Office in order to receive their ticket. 

Tickets may be claimed anytime in advance of the game, and the Komets encourage students to GET THEIR TICKETS EARLY as Comcast Komet Report Card Night traditionally sells-out the 10,480 seat capacity of The Jungle on Komet Game Night.

Comcast pledges a donation for each “A” student who attends with ALL proceeds going directly to The Literacy Alliance.  The Literacy Alliance helps students and people of all ages improve reading skills to be better parents, productive employees and contributing citizens throughout the Fort Wayne Area.  Attendance for the event has reached target levels for “A” students and subsequent donation each of the last nine previous seasons. 

Over the past 20 years, including Komet Report Card Nights, Comcast has donated more than $265,000 to the Literacy Alliance.  20 years after its creation, Report Card Night continues to produce measurable results toward the goal of total literacy in our community.  Through the efforts of Comcast, The Literacy Alliance, and all Komet fans the Komets hope to continue this tremendous program for many seasons to come.


Katie Stine
Fri, 02/10/2012 - 8:29am

Another heads up: The Boat Show is open tonight, so parking could be an issue.