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Opening Arguments

The sensitive soldier

This report on the military readiness front is from Stars and Stripes, so I don't doubt it:

CAMP ZAMA, Japan – The Army is ordering its hardened combat veterans to wear fake breasts and empathy bellies so they can better understand how pregnant soldiers feel during physical training.

This week, 14 noncommissioned officers at Camp Zama took turns wearing the “pregnancy simulators” as they stretched, twisted and exercised during a three-day class that teaches them to serve as fitness instructors for pregnant soldiers and new mothers.

Good lord. So now we have a family friendly lean, mean fighting machine.

Camaraderie. Empathy. Not the same thing.


Phil Marx
Fri, 02/24/2012 - 12:57am

I think most hardened cobat veterans would cut off their own arm if it got infected and was slowing them down.  I wonder what they would do with some parasite inside their belly that was doing the same.

Christopher Swing
Fri, 02/24/2012 - 2:38am

"An Army study showed significant Army physical fitness test failures, height/weight failures, and increased injury and illness rates when active-duty soldiers who don’t take part in physical exercise during pregnancy return to their unit, according to the fact sheet."

"The program, which is mandatory for pregnant soldiers, was set up to get them back to their units quickly after they give birth, according to Staff Sgt. Latoya Nieves-Gonzales, who is helping York train the NCOs at Camp Zama."

Way to miss the point of the training and the article, Leo.