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Tailing the Komets

Some notes

Brett Smith is questionable for Friday with a shoulder problem, and Colin Chaulk is having some more concussion problems and may need to go on IR. Bryant Molle has been activated from suspension, and it's likely Jesse Bennefield will be activated for Friday's game. Chaulk can go on the IR retro-active to Feb. 14 when he was injured.

The Komets are also looking for some amateur players to bring in, but that would likely not be until the playoffs, General Manager David Franke said. They can add up to two amateur players in the playoffs and they do not count against the salary cap or the regular roster -- unless they have played in the regular season, and then they have to count. The other benefit is that amateur players do not have to be named at the roster deadline date.

That's how the Komets used Tom Mele last year who did not play in the regular season, but did play in the playoffs.

So the Komets may have to play some more defensive gems this weekend.

By the way, they got home this morning at about 11:15, just a shade less than 12 hours on the bus from Tulsa.


Wed, 02/22/2012 - 5:54pm

This doesn't sound good.  Smith is questionable for Friday with a shoulder problem.  In hockey vernacular a "shoulder" problem can mean anything.  Stub a toe can equal upper body injury, etc.  Never let on where the real injury is.  I'm hoping that there is nothing connected to his concussion.  Colin Chaulk is not recovering and that is a bad sign.  He may be done for the year.  Who knows?

With the injuries they have and the type that they are, I would hope that David Franke would tweak the roster.  They need professional players, not amateurs. Using Mele is not an example for me to put a lot of faith in.  He didn't play much at all and never was going to be a contributor last year.  The last amatuer that did anything was Justin Hodgman.  He came from the juniors.  The last college player brought in that was a contributor was Jamie Milam.

There is still at least one player on this roster who is just taking up space.

Thu, 02/23/2012 - 11:52am

I hate to hear news like this, hope recoveries are fast.

How could they tweak the roster?  Aren't we past the deadlines for doing that?



Thu, 02/23/2012 - 12:41pm

Steve, there are ways.  For instance, a player waived by the CHL can be claimed, or a player who cleared ECHL waivers could be signed.   Admittedly, there is usually a good reason why a team would waive a player, but sometimes some help can be found.  I've always thought that it might be wise to bring in the best SPHL player up to see what they have got.  There is also a reason why a guy would be in the SPHL too. Sometimes there are gems ( not Dayton) to be found that have some talent plus the willingness to play hard and not coast.

All year long I have crabbed about needing another sniper.  Now the Komets are paying a price for standing pat.  Injuries and disappointments have ravaged the roster.  Beenefield has fallen far short of what fans expected.  OK, maybe the foot injury hampered his ability to perform and got him off to a terrible, try to catch up, start.  I can accept that.  Thomas has had a place on this roster all year long.  He has done nothing.  Now with a question about Smith, and a concussed Chaulk, the forward lines are at a season worst.

They found Podshendyalov from some junior team, remember?  Why not go to him and ask about the best player in that league?

There are some avenues to explore and I wouldn't think it impossible to get around the league rules, some how.  The salary cap sure has a lot of loopholes in it.

Unless you have a couple of great players in mind, agreed to, and ready and willing to come in, then I wouldn't get too excited about two amateur players making a difference.