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Tailing the Komets

Wasn't that a good game?

I really enjoyed watching last night's game. I thought both teams played really hard, and you could easily tell the overall caliber of the teams by their style of play. Way too many turnovers, but a very hard-contested game with a lot of drama and overall intensity.

I told a few of the guys in the dressing room that it was fun to watch and asked if it was fun to play in, and they all said yes, though they were disappointed in the final result.

What did you think? What do you expect in Bloomington today?


Sun, 02/19/2012 - 3:28pm

i thought both teams played hard but i also thought that bloomies defense was awful soft. the ks were always in and aroung the net. the only reason we didnt win was on most scoring chances we culdnt hit the broad side of a barn!!!  one question tho, we have one player who i used to really like but during the last third of last year and all of this year it seems to me that he is just out there cruising around. not hitting, making bad passes and isnt even able to handle crisp passes to him.  is he hurt and we dont know about it ? just seems hard to have the leagues highest paid five goal scorer to be out and not doing.... maybe its just me, what to you think??

Sun, 02/19/2012 - 3:34pm

Thought game was solid game, but things I am wondering in hindsight should have the K's kept PC over Leo.  Sometimes you wonder if he is even playing.  He really has had no noticable impact.  The other one who I think has really struggled this year is Schrock.  Like the way he plays always hustling, but he just has not had an impact this year I thought he would.  I really think he needs to get back to more of his agitating ways which I really have not seen him do.  He missed the net badly on two scorinng chances. Based off a couple of tweets they where claiming the have no legs left so it could be an ugly game today and it could turn into a 1 pt out of 6 weekend.  They are battling a consistancy issue right now and at the wrong time.  

Sun, 02/19/2012 - 6:17pm

i agree. it was probably a tough choice pc or leo and leo was the younger one!  schrock i think is missing in the offence and does need to get back to being an agitator. his hustle and never say die attitute is great but his body checks are down and if he cant score hes got to be more physical!  bloomy s  goaler must not have too bad of a broken nose if hes starting!