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Tailing the Komets

You won't believe some of these numbers


Thu, 02/09/2012 - 12:01pm

Since you've mentioned numbers, here are some that I think are kind of interesting.

Every member of the Fort Wayne Komets, with two exceptions are now in the "+" column.  The two exceptions are Jamie Milam, who is a minus 5, and Jesse Bennefield, who has a +/- of 0.  With his efforts the last few games Podshendyalov has put himself on the + side.

The Komets leading scorers are Chaumont, Smith, Auger, and Podshendyalov.  The first three were all brought in during the off season and Podshendyalov was brought in during the middle of last season. Jesse Bennefield has not caught on fire as yet.  He is a player who can score lots of goals and I'm pretty sure he is frustrated with his season so far.  I was happy to see the reaction from the Komets on the ice when he scored his goal against Dayton.  They seemed extremely happy for him and I sensed that the team is really rooting for him.  If he would get hot, the league could be in real trouble against the Komets.

Speaking of Chaumont, Bennefield, and Smith.  Did anyone else notice that they were on the ice for all three of Evansville's goals?  I'm sure that Sims will try to tighten them up defensively, don't you?

It seems to me like Evansville has played a lot of home games lately.  I looked it up and they have played 23 home games and 20 road games.  Not so bad, I guess.  The real shocker was Dayton.  They've played 19 home games and 25 road games.

I'm still not sold on the offensive prowess of this team.  With Dustin Molle out with injury, and Leo Thomas out with whatever he is out for, I would change things up.  I would either bring in another defenseman ( stay at home type) and a power forward, OR bring in two defensemen and move Jamie Milam to a forward position. I'm still of the opinion that this roster needs to be tweaked before moving into the playoffs.

Sorry fot the "book" Blake.  After the blog made so many changes, it seems like there is lots of room lately.




Blake Sebring
Thu, 02/09/2012 - 12:07pm

Thumbs up, Alan.

Dustin Molle is that stay at home defenseman when he gets healthy, and he's getting close. Don't forget how well he was playing before he got hurt. He was probably the most consistent D-man on the team.